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Doors of San Gimignano (large)

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A collage of images from my travel photo archive
San Gimignano is known for its olive oil which we have found available here and enjoy.
Some images may have been published earlier.


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@Wanda1 YOu, as well.


Thanks, dear Jerry! I'm leaving now. Stay safe my dear!


Wanda1 My selection on this trio is the middle one with the faded frescoes on the wall and arch. I found it most intriguing. I hope you have a most pleasant day. I will invest time today reviewing paperwork for the estate of an elderly friend who died this past weekend.Stay safe and well, my dear.


Another three wonderful doors, dear Jerry, but mine is the one on the right. Thanks, my dear and have a joyful and relaxing day. Stay well, my dear!


The pleasure is mine, my dear. I took care not to disturb you and make you relax. Also, I wasn't feeling good. Everything bored me, the sound of the rain irritated me, all sounds bored me. Now, I can sleep warm and peaceful, after hear from you, my dear.


@Wanda1 Ah, so good to receive your good wishes as I trundle off to bed after a very busy day. I wish you a peaceful night, my friend.


Certainly you're sleeping now, so I wish a warm night. May you sleep well, my dear friend!


@magic1846 Thanks for taking the plunge. I don't attempt puzzles of more than 100 piece on my computer.

We, too, found San Gimignano a rather magical place. You are right in its feeling a bit like Disney World! Several of the villages we visited are largely populated by holiday goers from the cities. We discovered the delight of its local olive oil, and with further delight discovered that it is available at a local specialty shop. It's become our "special occasion'" oil for cooking.

Yes, all but a scant ten or so of the more than 5500 puzzled I have posted are of my own photographs. I sort of got hung up on doors on our second trip to Europe some years ago and have continued to find them interesting. Images of doors from back in the "film" days fill a few albums of their own on the shelf. Many of the current puzzles I am creating and posting are shots of photos I pull from the album, shoot with my phone and return the prints to obscurity between album covers.

Hi jerrys. I just had to do this as I have been there a couple of times. I normally avoid larger puzzles as I end up feeling stupid. This was no exception. But I still like your work. Did you take the fotos? An interesting things about San Gimignano is that though it was once a town, hardly anybody lives there now. Sort to like Disney World. Everybody goes home at the end of the day. I wondered if there was a time clock to punch somewhere. It was gorgeous and still worth the visit.