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Bishka after bath

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They're going home to morrow,so I'll hav e a bit more time then .
Love to both of you.


Dear Andie,

Don't worry about writing while you have company, I have a lot going on now. I will watch
on the picture of Artus in the car when you are ready. Smooches from Bishka for Artus
and love & hugs from us both.


Dear Pat
We're home but as my daughter and her boyfriend came back with us I don't have much time to myself,except early in the morning , you know a lot of talking and .
I'm sorry about Dan ,hope he'll feel better soon .Try not to worry too much about him, he's had ups and downs before, I think you told me about it some time ago .
DO TAKE CARE dear friend.
Lots of love from me and Artus sends smooches to his lovely girlfriend.


Hi Andie, wasn't sure if you were home or posting pictures from someplace else. Will
find one to write on tomorrow. Things are getting a little worse here, and Dan needs
much more help. I see him just about every day. Will tell you about it another time.
Hope her boyfriend is doing okay after his trip. Smooches for him from her.


Hi Pat
Such a lovely picture of Bishka ,she has a very glossy coat and looks very happy.
I hope you're fine too dear Pat.Talk to you soon..


Thanks Evelyn, she is happy.


Bishka gets an oatmeal bath and smells so nice afterwards. It also helps my allergies
when she gets a bath. Something everyone needs. Maybe one day you will find an
odor that you like, there are so many, no duck poo though. Thanks Bella.


Wa wa woof Bishka, wow boy, you look beautiful again. I also like to have a bath, I only hate the smell of the shampoo. Why don't they give it a scent dogs like. I like the scent of ducks poo better, don't you agree? Mum says that stinks, but I love it. ☺☺☺Sweet licks. ♥♥♥


Thanks Ardy and Sara, yes, all is okay here, and Bishka is doing great. Hope all is well
with you too Sara. Many hugs to you both.

Hi Pat, Haven't seen you in a while...hope all is well...Bishka looks like a happy, healthy dog...glad your both well...your home looks lovely too....hugs for you both...


Bishka, you are looking beautiful and happy. Thanks, Pat.