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This is *my* space!

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When I was doing theater, there was an exercise where the cast stood around in a circle, and the director would choose someone to step into the center of the circle and declare, "This is my space!" The intent was to understand that the stage in fact belonged to the actors, and that they should behave as if that were so. It was remarkably hard to do convincingly - only one person I ever saw attempt it was totally successful; she walked into the center, looked around, said that - and not a person in the room doubted or questioned her! [I've never succeeded in parsing just how she did it.]

Red squirrels have a extended harsh "chirring" call, which I presume they use for territorial declaration. This one has a particular vantage point he typically uses to tell the other red squirrels in the area (I've seen at least 3 others) that the patio is *his*. Here, apparently spurred on by the buffet at his feet, he made the call from the top of the wire drum, right at me!
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What a brave little one. He's got attitude! Great photo.


Oh I have a belly ache from eating way to many nuts!!!


I did, but I didn't want to destroy the mood.... :-) Might be marking the territory...? But it shows how good the camera is!

He’s peeing on you too, did you see that??


And you caught it perfectly with your camera. Great photo. Love it. Thanks, Don.


She convinced me, especially when I see her two teeth.


Wow, what a great shot of this cutie and the info adds a great deK to the picture..Thanks Don❤️❤️


EXCEPTIONAL photo! :)))))


Having just looked at him I was convinced he was at the dramatic climax of an aria. Now, having read your intro and done the puzzle, I know the context of the aria. ;-)

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