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My work is done

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Bonus points to Molly's black lab.

We've both been lucky, Wendy. :)


Absolutely great photos youngone. I think this one is quite normal for those who are cat owners. Thank goodness it has never happened to me..............Wendy

LOL Probably true. :)


I'll bet that within ten minutes all was forgiven, tree reinstated and this little fur baby was back to have another go. ☺☺☺

A Christmas tree does bring out the best and the worst in cats it seems. Thanks, Val. :)

Thanks so much, girlinaglass. :)

Good one, yo!!! ; ))


Oh dear this brings back memories of different cats over the years, they were so funny loved it thanks YO☺


No. It was years ago and I never even thought about it. We just used to watch him and enjoy it.----------Molly

That's sweet. Ever get a photo of him doing it?

I had a black lab that would lay under the tree and look at himself in the big glass balls. -----Molly

Mine used to like to get under the bottom branches but none of them tried to climb the tree. :)

Never had this problem with my cats.--------------Molly

Last time we put up a big tree was the year our Mittens and Tigger did this! Fun memories!

LOL, Returner. Probably so as humans are slow learners. :)

Bet it did, PD. Glad he was OK. :)


I had a puppy who ate the tiny light strings from his first Christmas tree. Came to no harm, but scared the socks off of me!


Could be an annual ritual.

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