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Finally, a great burger place.

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  1. lordmojo0:49
  2. popoko1:05
  3. jls261:16
  4. Dilubreuer1:28
  5. mapletree1:30
  6. Robbos1:37
  7. Howy1:37
  8. rajinder1:39
  9. camaro72stroker1:45
  10. octhomasad1:49
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Let's eat.


let somebody eat it, the guys arms are sagging and I 'm drooling.


to be honest, that little thingy on the top is enough for me, and you think this is meant to be funny , well ;it isn't. this is the amount I eat in one meal and I eat four tmes a day.
some days even less. if you ask how come you're so heavy? I can hardley move due to several ailments so I have to limit myself. what would I like to have a real meal.


I've heard from very wise and knowledgeable men that 'more than a mouthful is a waste'. Is this the burger that inspired such foolish talk? ….hmmm, me doubts it

Now this is my idea of a burger!


This burger is a place. In fact a land mark.


I would say the latter.


is this a great place with burgers or a place with great burgers?


Small snack? My, you must have quite the appetite.


i've had a few of these, make that a few too many, can't you tell ???? :))))


Thanks, this is a small snack for me ...

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