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Who Are We

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Search your past..
Please Hold off Naming them till tomorrow 8pm..

Another Album cover to come soon...
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Oh yes, I know of them and of Bono. I know they are Irish..... Couldn't tell you a song I liked even after knowing who they are.


Eh I once went to a concert here where B.B. King was support for them and walked out as soon as he finished his set and they did that song "When Love Comes To Town"


Never would have gotten this one, I do know who they are though.


This is the ~~ U2 ~~ a band that produced interesting songs good and bad..
The lead vocalist is called ~~ Bono ~~

Their later videos were fascinating to me who never heard their "egotist rise in the US" :-))


Oh gosh....I'm on a roll here! I have no idea with this one either.


I hate his voice, too. On a par with Geldof for rude egotist.


As with all performers mereagle some songs yoU like 2 hear and Ceefercat some may be Unpleasant two hear :-))

Here's a clue. The one in the hat is a pompous self-righteous do-gooder. Some of their stuff was good though.


I still don't know, but thanks for the link Alex.


I am a fan, great music !!!

I know who they are but I'm not a fan.

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