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Goofie: I'm still here......

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...though getting old(er) has its downsides....

Tuesday evening 6.December 9:15 pm....all was well in Goofie's little world...he was his adorable self and jumped on his chair. When I thought after maybe 2 minutes that he was lying in a funny position I got up from my chair to have a look and how horribly right I was to think he was....I called him but he was unresponsive. I lifted his head and it was like a ragdoll in my hand.... I honestly thought he was dead.
Whilst supporting Goofie's head I (loudly) called my son (who was having a smoke outside) that there was something terribly wrong so he hurried inside when after a few seconds Goofie came round and got scared seeing us two bending over him. My son took a few steps back to try and get him at ease. I picked him up holding him against me and after a short moment he started purring. Then I gently put him on the floor and though he was kind of wobbly he walked to his biscuits and started to eat. Then he layed himself down again -not losing consciousness again though- but in a slow motion kind of way. You could tell he was not feeling well. I dialed the number of his VET and got the voicemail where I got the emergency number. I dialed that number and explained the situation then the Vet said to come over to see him. It was a mile and a half drive and as I don't have a drivers licence I called friends and they said "of course they would take us there". Thank goodness for true friends!!!♥
Goofie was ever so alert when we had to catch him to put him in his traveler basket (I've got scars to prove it!) but we succeeded!!
At the Vet's Goofie was examined, his reflexes were good, no fever, he wanted to see him walk and actually there were no signs of (major) damage. He didn't think he should give him special medication as it would not mix too well with the meds he's on for his kidney failure! Just wait and see how it goes. It could've been a minor stroke or perhaps his Urea value too high causing this, he was not sure, but he thought a TIA the most likely.
At 11:20 pm we were back home again need to say I didn't sleep a wink that night, but his "prrts" and soft meows next to my bed at 6:00 am the next morning sounded like music to my ears♥
Wednesday and Thursday he made a tired impression and also traumatised (from going to the VET's yet again!) but he eats, drinks, sleeps, even plays a little like nothing has happened. Come to think of it he has gone through similar "off days" and who knows he's been through this ordeal before without us spotting it. Had we not seen him going through this 'attack' we probably wouldn't have even known!!
Don't know if it's possible but I sure am even more determined to enjoy his presence and make the most of our lasting days, weeks or maybe months

*I haven't been online since last Tuesday as I was monitoring him and I know this story would worry his fans too but whilst monitoring him (like a hawk) I didn't think I could cope and reply to the concerned comments of his dear 'worried fans' too but as his faithfull fans you're entitled to know what happend and why you didn't have your "Goofie-fix" for a few days! ♥
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Thank you all for your kind comments ♥♥....just about half an hour ago he was running up and down the stairs...that will teach the Vet to say he's 'old' ! (I think there's a storm wind coming up ...LOL


Oh, how terrifying! *sending lots of hugs and love to all of you*


I am so sorry he had this attack. I hope and pray for the best for all of you.


I'm so happy to see Goofie again as I have really missed him but sensed something was wrong. What a frightening situation for you all and I wish you all the best with your very precious furry baby :-)


Hi Goofie, 't is goed je te zien. Ouder worden is niet altijd even gemakkelijk, maar je ziet er geweldig uit♥♥♥♥


Whew! I'm so glad Goofie is feeling well and the scare is over. We were all praying that Goofie continue to enjoy his wonderful life!


Dear Impie, I knew something was wrong as last night I could not stop thinking of Goofie. I adore your beautiful boy as do all his friends who faithfully follow his daily adventures. We are all sending our love to you, Big Bro and of course your much-loved Goofie. x x x


Oh Impie that must have been so scary for you and your son but I am very relieved that Goofie is ok. I bet he is now thinking what was all that fuss about. I know you can't help but worry, it's normal and you know we are all here for you. Sending you, bro and Goofie our love and big virtual hugs. soo, Milly & Willow ♥x♥x♥x


Oh Impie, I am so sorry...just to think of what you had to cope with. In my heart I knew for sure that something is very wrong!!
Hopefully all of you will enjoy being together for a long time.
I missed you.. ♥♥♥...


Thank you all for your kind supporting and comforting words. It means a lot to me that you are all caring so much for my precious furry baby ♥
We'll take each and every day as it comes, we already did, but from now on even more so!
It gave us quite a scare but it's comforting to know that Goofie himself has been totally unaware of what did happen to him.
He has actually met his 'new Vet' (on night duty last Tuesday) who will take over the practice from his 'own' Vet in January. His 'old' Vet has been practising for 30 years now and she's handing over the practice to this 'new' Vet. Last week I received an invite card for a drink on 6.January to meet the new Vet....don't know whether I still will go or not after having met him at this earlier stage! He is a kind man and I feel I can trust him with my kitty after having trust his 'old' Vet for 15 years!
It's a great 'ring' of Vet collegue practices and they all take turns for emergency night shifts, it was just such a coincidence that his future Vet now was on call!

The above photo is taken yesterday as today was a dark day and I could only get blurry results. In the link is an indoor picture of today and as I don't want to use my flash especially with Goofie pictures he's also a bit blurry, but you can see for yourself he's his alert/attentive self again!♥

Impie & Big Bro, Now is that special time when you make the new good memories as fast as you can and remember the older ones even more. AND I suspect there will be MANY MORE special memories for you all. I join everyone else is hoping that Goofie has many more good months and years to come, ESPECIALLY for the 2 of you! Give your good friends special hugs and Thanks (dank je) from all the Worldwide Goofie Fans! They are as special to us are you 3 are!


Impie I had noticed that you were missing for a few days and was hoping hard that there wasn't a problem. I can only sympathise as I can imagine what a scare it gave you and your son. We have fingers and paws crossed that Goofie is fully recovered, but I understand what you mean about increasing age. Tisket is showing her 14+ years and struggles to jump onto our bed now, but she gets there by hauling herself up as her jump doesn't get far enough. Sometimes I wake in the night and just gently touch her to ensure she's still breathing.
Love tisketsmum xx


Glad Goofie's feeling better, he is so beautiful. We also had a special cat, Maynard, dealing with kidney failure as he got older and my daughter took him in for animal acupuncture and I couldn't believe how well it worked - he didn't need meds anymore and lived his last few years as perky as ever.

Oh God, how terrible for you all... I am thinking of you, Goofie and the bros. It's great to see him looking so very much himself now. He is so loved and so well looked-after that I'm sure we'll be enjoying his appearances for many years to come. xx


Oh, Impie - what a relief to have you and Goofie back! I was getting slightly alarmed at your absence (but was trying not to turn into a mad stalker...!). What a dreadful fright for you. I'm so glad he's come through this and is reasonably OK again.

I also think it's quite possible this has happened to him before. I believe that strokes in both cats and dogs are much milder and less debilitating than in humans and that the effects can wear off fairly quickly. That doesn't make it any less scary, though....

Look after yourself, Impie (as well as Goofie and his human bros) and don't feel you have to reply to all of us individually - we're just glad to know you're around.

Love to all of you from me, Ferdy and Sophie.


I thought that you were just busy with holiday preparations...and I watched all of Goofie's videos again yesterday...
I'm glad he's feeling better and appears not to really be aware/concerned that anything is unusual...whereas I know you and Big Bro will feel like you're walking on eggshells...being apprehensive, constantly checking, etc. I hope you truly can love and enjoy each other for months and months and months. ❤️❤️❤️


What a scare! I had the feeling something was going on. I'm so glad to see that Goofie will bless our puzzle-kingdom for a while. I believe we all hope for a good long while but, as you've said before, Goofie is aging and so we can only appreciate what is available for however long that may be.


Oh, Impie. Such a scary, nerve-wracking time. I'm happy to see Goofie around and moving and I'll cherish whatever pictures become available. Wishing you happiness and sending blessings to all of you.


What a scare, Impie. He is our furry little Hero.


Impie & Goofie - we have missed you and we are all keeping our fingers and paws crossed that you get feeling better, you have become a very good friend to all of us Little Bit, Reese's & the Quinn's ♥♥♥♥


Dearest Impie, What a scare! I hope and pray Goofie has a lot longer time to share with you (and us, his international fans). I, too, took off several days but for good reason - sister and hubby were here and we stayed busy. Started doing puzzles again yesterday and today and noted in passing that you hadn't published since Tuesday. Grieved to hear the reason but hopeful now that he's more his old self again. Could well be that he's been through this before, and recovered so well that you didn't suspect anything. Give him some extra cuddles from me and Sooty. HUGS, nan


Hello Impie, One small comfort is that he's unaware he's getting older. All he's known is pampering, what a lucky fellow. Is this photo today? Because he looks wonderful! Be thinking of you....

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