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During my walk

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It is dependent of the weather. When it's very warm they like to be there. But we mostly haven't that warm weather. The last 3 years we had bad summers. I think I can count the mosquitos I saw last summer on my 10 fingers.


Thank you, Ank. You are a wonderful teacher! Do the water ditches provide homes for mosquitoes? Perhaps because you are near the sea the wind keeps them away.


Thanks friends, you guys let me blush again. Yes Jan that is also a way they use ditches here.


Your walks are so nice!


Good morning Ank. You always manage to find something different to show us every day:)


Ank your English has been really good. Now if I could read Dutch that good, I would be a happy girl. The ditches here operate pretty much the same as in NL also in some places ditches are put in to keep the autos from parking along busy streets as well as rain drain off.


Thanks Sandy, Hanne Jan Patti and Elina. I'm glad you like this view. Personally, I think this is one of the most beautiful vistas in the neighborhood.
Watermanagement is very important for us and I'm glad we have so many people have that sense of.


Dit is een hele mooie foto!! Prachtig gewoon.


Nice one! Thanks, Ank!


That water balance is so critical to your country, amongst others. This was a very pretty and informative walk today! Thanks, Ank!


You really have found out to make the water balance the way you want it to!! And lots of people all over the world have learned a lot from you!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Another interesting view on your walk. Thanks Ank.


If we should not have water management we better lived on boats. Thanks Ardy and Patty.


Love the walk this morning thanks Sissy


Thanks, Ank. With all the water you have water management is very important or you would all be washed away. Enjoy the rest of your day.


Thanks Shirley and Ardy. I'm glad you like it.
Ardy I first had to find a site to inform me about Windex, because I did not know that. And then you can go back to the joke to understand it. So it is not always easy. But I can tell you since I'm on Jigidi my English becomes better and better.
Now about this water. In my language there are more words about water and land as in English. So sometimes it hard to explain. A ditch. We have two kinds of ditches, with and without water. What you see here is a ditch with water. It's not deep and not for boats. Frogs, fish and ducks are in it. All through the land you see this kind of ditches. It is also often the separation of farmland. And it helps to maintain the water balance. The dry ditches are only for when it's to wet. So this last month it was very wet, we had lots of rain. Now the dry ditches are full with water, it makes that the fields are some less wet. The Wet ditches are all in connection with each other, sometimes with a pipeline under the ground. I showed mills. They pump water out of the ditches to the larger canals. Thats the way our water management works.


Are these irrigation ditches or flood control? They don't look big enough for boats. So much of interest to see. Thanks, Ank. I'm still laughing at Pat's Windex tip and amazed always at your understanding and use of English.


Beautiful, Ank, so lush, Thank you Ank.


After about 150 foot we look to the left.

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