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This is Sammy, my son and daughter-in-law's rescue girl.
I was with them (in California) when we went to get one rescue cat and came home with two! I posted Dean yesterday. Sammy is very comfortable on my son's warmed foot pad under his computer.
We had so much fun with them. I can't wait to see them again when we go to America again next year.
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Thanks dear Maureen, I did smile at the story of the Husky puppy and the cats. We would love to get a little dog from the dog shelter in Bundaberg, but we know that Miffie and Molly would not like it.
Hugs dear friend ♥♥♥


Gorgeous cats! The rescue cat reminds me of my younger sister,she died two years ago. She was always bringing abandoned cats home. Now her daughter is doing the same. She has six cats who just moved in or the vets sheltered home.
Losinda visited me on Saterday to introduce me to her puppy 11weeks old Husky .
She is beautiful! The cats were not happy. They miaowed at her,she gave one bark and they all ran and hid away. Waiting for the next episode!
Hugs my friend ❤️❤️❤️


Thanks Barb, yes that's what cats love to do. Relax. I will thank Peter for the pics.
Hugs dear friend♥☺


No Allie, much too busy to fly over here! We love going over there, so no worries.
Thanks and hugs dear friend ♥☺


Yes Willy we go back in April next year, so it will be wonderful to see the cats much more grown up. That is great that your daughter rescues cats. That's how we got our Molly - she just turned up at the door. Thanks and hugs.


Thanks Hilary, the folks at the refuge said that they had been together for quite a long time, as they'd been in another refuge before that when they were both tiny kittens and lonely. Dean was five months old and Sammy was four when we got them. So they love each other. Hugs to you.


Yes Lunie only about five days ago. Thanks and hugs.


Good morning dear Marlene, yes she is beautiful but actually Dean is more friendly, he's gorgeous.
I wonder will they remember us, maybe. Sammy just loved Julian and spent hours sleeping on his chest, but she's a lot bigger now! A beautiful sunny day here and no wind yet. My last day on these horrible pills. Thanks and hugs dear friend and have a good day. Love from your friend Janet xxxxxx

Miffie is asleep on the spare bed in the sun and Molly is on the deck. They send loud happy purrs and gentle hugs. ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥


Sammy is a typical, happy and relaxed cat....that's what cats do best....I love these photos, thank you Janet and Peter :) Hugs my friend :)


I'm sure you can't wait Janet! Don't they ever come to AU? Too busy I guess - like all kids nowadays!! Sammy seems very settled and happy. x


Nice that they rescue cats. My daughter is doing the same, only in her case they come to the door.
Sammy and Dean must be happy to have such a good life now. Next year you are going to the California...nice Janet


Lovely to have adopted two cats, they are company for each other and probably get on well with each other knowing they have agood home.


These photos were taken recently Jan?


Hello Dear Janet, Sammy Sure Is A Beautiful Kitty, I Can Understand Why She Is Loved So Much, I Guess She Was Purring Loud When Peter Took Her Photo. Sad They Live So Far Away. It'll Will Be Interesting To See If They Both Remember You, I Think They Will, Esther & I Enjoyed Her Special Day. I Guess Molly & Miffie Are Curled Up & Sleeping In Their Favourite Places Dreaming About All The Mice They Will Catch One Day. Many Thanks Peter For Sharing Sammy With Us & You My Dear Friend For Posting Her As A Great Puzzle, Sweet Dreams, Love & Best Wishes Duchess Marlene. X X X X. == [[ MEOWS ]] == [[ MEOWS ]] TO MY 2 DARLINGS MOLLY & MIFFIE == SWEET DREAMS & LOTS & LOTS OF LOVE From Auntie Marlene, == [[ The Duchess ]]

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