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  1. woodron12:36
  2. misstoto2:44
  3. GogolocO2:56
  4. Gmaggrah3:15
  5. gordyp533:19
  6. MHP3:21
  7. opallia3:59
  8. Caramiga4:38
  9. mgm504:41
  10. oldlyme574:43


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Thank you Zookie for the comment. John


At least you had it! Thank you


Now that was the biggest mistake I ever made, not keeping it. You don't know how time I have said if I only had that car now.
. lol lol


well,i was thinking about that mustang, john.


Thank you bblessing, It is sad that I did not keep it. john


oh my, you got yourself that dreamcar that i always wanted but could never afford.


If I knew then what I know now I would still have it. I bought 3 months after I got out of school. Then in 3 years later I sold it and got a 66 mustang, fast back, with 4 speed, 289 high performance


That is a beauty John!

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