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Can't see you - the sun makes me blink!

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80 pieces
34 solves
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  1. spatcat4:22
  2. janethscott5:10
  3. anan6:02
  4. lindaleigh6:39
  5. Buttercupsmama6:42
  6. suztque168:40
  7. Lowmil9:18
  8. Merry9:19
  9. ilake10:38
  10. yvonnep10:52


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Hi Jimmy Bro, I'm glad you did manage to visit the party in the end☺☺☺ Pity I'm not allowed Swiss Cheese I would sure have loved to try some♥

maegi, I hope you're doing OK....big hug from us too♥♥


Jimmy, Swiss cheese sounds like the go to me. I'll just bet that all the kitties will be lined up to try something new. Great suggestion. If you want to get a quick look at Tres before you meet him, you will find him under user name 'babray'. I am sending big tummy rubs to you along with a big hug for your mum. ♥♥


Hi Goofie Bro, Impie and Pammi, thanks for your nice comments. And please excuse us, but we don't know Tres, because mum cannot sit for a long time and she cannot read all the thousands of comments in Jigidi. But I would be happy to come with you to every kind of Party. Shall I get some Swiss cheese?


Hi Jimmy. I know that feeling well when the sun gets in your eyes and all you can do is blink, blink, blink. Hey, what about the birthday party for Tres? He is one year old and this will be his very first party so he will be hoping all his friends show up. I know you will have have a wonderful time with all your kitty friends. ☺☺☺

P.S. Did you get the message from Goofie that he would by supplying his very own Canadian catnip? He never seems to run out of it, does he? ♥


Lucky you Jimmy Bro, if you look up today in Holland you'll need to blink too otherwise you'll get raindrops in your eyes;))
BTW are you also going to Tres' first birthday party? I guess the whole Jigidi kitty
Gang is invited and I love to meet up with you again too (*whisper* I'll bring some Canadian Catnip for us older kitties). We'll make Tres' first birthday a day to remember....;)))

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