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Penglipuran, Bali, Indonesia

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In Today's Daily Jigsaw Puzzle, we visit Penglipuran - a traditional village in the Bangli regency of Bali, Indonesia, renowned for its well-preserved cultural and architectural practices.

"Penglipuran" originates from the Balinese phrase 'peeling pura,' meaning 'remembering the ancestors, reflecting the community's deep reverence for heritage.

Architecturally, the village features a distinctive layout with uniform structures aligned along a central stone-paved path. This design emphasizes communal identity and equality, as all houses feature similar entrance gates, and no structure dominates in size or design. Historically linked to the kingdom of Bangli, Penglipuran has managed a stable population, usually between 700 and 800 residents, maintaining traditional norms even as new members join through marriage.

Economically, the village relies on agriculture, handicrafts from local bamboo, and sustainable tourism. Penglipuran's residents produce bamboo products, a significant income source, while carefully managed tourism attracts visitors drawn to the village's cleanliness and traditional lifestyle.

Penglipuran exemplifies environmental stewardship with its no-plastic policy and immaculate public areas, contributing to its status as one of the world's cleanest villages. This balance of traditional values and modern sustainability practices makes Penglipuran a unique cultural and heritage site, preserving Balinese traditions while fostering an eco-friendly community.

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Gorgeous Photograph capturing a very Traditional Scene of how the natural environment blend with modern times. I enjoyed the adventure, solving this Colorful Photo Puzzle. U Digg. R. Choice.

Thank you!


Thank you.--4-12-24


Now 46 years ago we honeymooned in Bali.
A very beautiful island, which we visited together with Java with my Indonesian friends.
Great that you are posting this puzzle from Bali.
I remember the place Tanah lot very well, it was on the sea. :-))) ♥

Nice picture thank you.

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