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You used My fabric scissors for WHAT

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for years i only one pair of scissors ans they were used for cutting EVERYTHING


Amen sisters; Do you men get it yet, after theses comments?

He used the best ginghers to cut Roofing tiles. It was a long winter out in the barn!


This made me laugh so much! I'm forever telling my family not to use just any pair of scissors - there are ones for paper, kitchen ones, & definitely (on pain of death) not to use my fabric scissors for anything other than fabric (I hide them!)

How about using my “display” oven mitts for cooking on the grill!!! The edges were burnt the rest covered with grill grease. It could have been worse but, really?


My mother was a wonderful seamstress and the worst thing we could do was to use her scissors to cut paper.


to cut an oil line, to fit... bad enough.. NO.. he then used the tips to make the line sort of spread out...

One of my friends is a expert at sewing clothes. Her hubby used her good sewing shears to cut up a chicken. He was a little unpopular after that. :)


I'd like to hear some of the possible answers to that question.


I hate it when people..hubby.. gets my scissors.. or my little tool box.. I know everything will be put back into his toolbox....mine never to be seen again.. just like my NEW scissors...

You go girl!! No jury of people who sew would convict you.

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