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Já tu nejsem - I'm not here

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  1. marunka2770:12
  2. JAJA480:14
  3. Janazlouky0:14
  4. ivar20120:15
  5. wjl10150:16
  6. st510:16
  7. aerovka0:17
  8. jam624990:17
  9. LMSmithcats0:18
  10. Janie060:20


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Lynn, thank you.
The weather is a lot of crazy. I am waiting for the rain. Meteorologists promise to it will rain tomorrow. I wish you as well rain. Hugs


Happy to hear you had a beautiful holiday and the grandchildren enjoyed. It is very hot here also. I wish you some rain - droughts are terrible things. Hugs


Lynn, the weather was alternating. The two hot days, three days colder with rain from Friday hot again. The holiday was over it beautiful. Grandchildren enjoyed it. From prices they were very pleased. We now have hot in here. Threatens storm - weather forecasters have warned. I hope it will only rain. It is necessary. It is great drought. Hugs


Hi Jarka - sounds like some people had some terrible weather. I am glad you and your family are good. I wish you a good and safe journey to the cottage. I will look on the internet to learn about Hlinsko. Don't forget to pack the prizes for your grandchildren. When you return I will look for the photographs you took. Wishing you good weather. Have a wonderful time. Hugs.


Děvčata, tak jste mu na to "skočily". Bylo to legrační, jak si myslel, že ho nikdo nevidí.
Piškotka pečlivě hlídají a případně hledají. Mám známou, které křeček utekl a našli ho až když se "propadli" do sedačky, čímž porušili jeho doupátko s chodbičkami.


No kdyby si udělal doupátko uvnitř sedačky, to by bylo radosti!

Já Piškotka taky marně hledám... Kdepak je?


Jájinko, nevíš, kde je Piškotek? nikde ho nevidím :-)))
Užij si nádhernou dovolenou ať vám přeje počasí i zdraví, papa J ♥♥♥


Hello Lynn, I'm glad that your computer works. I lacked you at Jigidi. The day before yesterday night was a big storm. Fortunately, everything is in order with us. Elsewhere, it is worse. They had hail and windstorm. Are destroyed gardens and fallen trees. Not ride the trains. The weather is better. On Saturday leave for the one week at the cottage. We drive to Jeníkova. It is a village near Hlinsko in the Highlands. There beautiful trails for walks. I will put the photos on Jigidi. Thank you for the nice holiday wishes. Everyone already looking forward to. I greet you warmly. Have a nice day. Hugs


Was small when he bought it. It is now larger.


Dášo, honí ho každou chvilku. Máťa ho neustále pouští, sice ho hlídá, ale Piškotek je zdatný útěkář.


Hello Jarka, Piskotek must be playing hide and seek :) I have my computer fixed so maybe tomorrow I will catch up on puzzles. Today we were out running errands. How are you? I read on one of your puzzles that you are going to the cottage on Saturday. Where is that? I hope you have a wonderful time with your family. Talk to you soon - hopefully I will get the puzzles done before you leave. Hugs

He looks very little .


Stejně zdrhnu!!!!!! Co si myslíte.


On se napral mezi polštáře a dělal, že tam není.


Kam se mám schovat.

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