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Colorful facade in Little India, Singapore

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In Today’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle we visit Little India in Singapore.

Little India, located to the east of the Singapore River, is a historic district that was originally a division of colonial Singapore. During the early 19th century, the area became a hub for Tamil commercial and cultural activity, eventually evolving into the vibrant neighborhood known as Little India.

The district's architecture is a blend of traditional and colonial styles. The colorful facades of the shophouses and buildings, adorned with ornate floral motifs and geometrical patterns, embody the area's rich history and culture.
Key landmarks include the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, built in 1881, which is one of Singapore's oldest Hindu temples, and the Abdul Gafoor Mosque, a testimony to the district's multi-religious character.

The Tekka Centre, a bustling food and shopping market, and the 24-hour Mustafa Centre, a retail hub, are significant elements of the local commerce. The Indian Heritage Centre, which opened in 2015, provides insights into the history and culture of Singapore's Indian community.

What do you think - should we pay Little India a visit? (Are you hungry, by any chance? We ask because this visit will include food. Lots and lots of food ♥).
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  2. mvt3:14
  3. puzzlecurl3:46
  4. kaibreuck3:55
  5. Honi544:11
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  7. Anidalai4:26
  8. Casper9874:42
  9. pitschedabber4:45
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Cool puzzle.Can you give it to us with more pieces please !

love to try it with 250 - 300 pieces


LOVE the colorful building details!

Very colorful buildings. Thank you for posting it.

Thank you for this neat puzzle!


Thank you. 5-16-23

We have visited Little India and were impressed by the vibrancy and atmosphere. Thanks for posting.


What a joyful puzzle, thank you! Yes, food is agreat "bait" and Indian cuisines are wonderful! Thank you for this great puzzle!

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