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Bobga Bonga Dental Association Proclaimed World's Finest...

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48 pieces
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  1. jangel1:50
  2. Cool123451:57
  3. cornix2:12
  4. Surg382:29
  5. duffyjm922:41
  6. pdevredis2:53
  7. ladena2:53
  8. chickiemama2:53
  9. lelabugosi2:54
  10. coongirl3:04


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Hmmmm.... Then again, my dentists all use needles, and they just hurt! Smell might me easier to take....!


I don't know, Pat. They use this laughing gas that has a smell like je ne sais quoi....


Having funded a number of dentists' retirement plans, I wish that I had moved to Bonga-Bonga a looooong time ago!


That is hilarious Jon, good one mate!!


I think I prefer the Dentabone commercial!




As my good friend Chickiemama would say, some of these look like fences to hold the food in the mouth!


OMG! Don't do that, please! I now have a gallon of coffee all over the screen & keyboard! This is the funniest thing I've seen all week! Thanks, Jangel, reminds me of many dentured folks I know.


...(puzzle typist given no such award)....


Propped up in his hospital bed, the lead dentist seemed very proud as he accepted the certificate of proclamation with the two largest toes of his left (only) foot.....


Hee-Hee!....That's is the Bonga-Bonga Dental Association!.....

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