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Traveling music

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We all know you wish to go home.
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  1. MadAndy0:55
  2. cado0:59
  3. Dilubreuer1:05
  4. racoonstar1:11
  5. alias2v1:11
  6. Ianto1:15
  7. wjl10151:16
  8. mailaudie1:19
  9. jefandanne1:20
  10. montebob1:22


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Well it may be from older mostly forgotten knowledge. But, I seem to remember it was first one eye then the other.


Me too Ken! Going to try and sleep......if I can.


So glad to see you back my friend. Hope your on the mend for less pain ridden days.


One of my favorite Beach Boys songs!!


Lori, this may capture it for all of us.


Here's hoping Joe will be home soon! Thanks K. ~ Lori

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