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Resisted the urge to climb

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Back on the road again. After leaving Ross next stop was for a stroll and coffee stop at Evandale. Evandale is a well preserved historic town in Tasmania. Its late-Georgian and early-Victorian buildings and relatively untouched streetscape offer a unique glimpse into Australia's past, with some buildings dating back to 1809. March 2020


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And they love it, so do I, I could feel that connection ☺️❤️


No problem dear Jill, I recognize myself in this. Sometimes my kids say; "Mommy, act normal". Admittedly, with a smile on their face and their eyes turned to heaven.
I can't do much about it, that's me.


I know Jaklien past time I grew up lol


Really? Haha!


Sure do, why I haven’t climbed a tree since ... oh last year lol


Our childhood is long gone, but the memories have remained.


We were Lunie, that day was gorgeous. Thank you ☺️


Could be an old tree Jill and big houses too. You were lucky to have such a sunny day on that trip.


Marina that would be a brilliant idea, can visualise it. Thanks ❤️


Val I hear you! The minds is willing but the body lets us down ☺️☺️ the houses and trees are lovely indeed. Thanks Val ❤️


There was a row of five of these wonderful trees Janet all looked like they were designed to be climbed ☺️ and agree about the homes behind. Thanks & hugs


Thanks Nev, yes this area between Hobart and Launceston was all established very early, they call it the Historic Route or the Historic Convict Route. It is amazing how these little towns have preserved their history. ❤️


You could build a tree house up there, kids would have love it. Marina.


Love the houses, love the tree several years ago I would have had a go climbing it, last time I did that flew up the tree then oops Jim had to help me down, so not allowed to now☺♥


That would be a marvelous tree to climb when I was younger! Fabulous old homes behind it too. Thanks and hugs Jill. ♥


Jill, as Hobart (Risdon Cove) was first settled in 1803, this village of Evandale is not far behind at 1809. Marvellous to think that some buildings there are well over 200 years old. ♥♥♥


Absolutely Suzy, glad you with me on this lol


Oh! That tree was GROWN TO CLIMB!!!!!


I know Prairiewind! If I had shoes on I think the temptation would have been irresistible, or maybe I’m finally growing up lol.


That tree is just begging to be climbed. How could you resist?


They do jimez but thankfully they live in the bush and are nocturnal creatures so didn’t see any! ☺️


Do they have Taz devils ?