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Lulu at 12 weeks

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She's growing fast and learning her obedience commands. (:
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Thanks. I have been working a lot with eye contact too because I have a problem with mixing some words up due to a head injury some time ago. I've added in a few hand signals besides verbal and she understands pretty well. Look at me, sit, down and stay so far, she can do them either with verbal or just the hands. Forgot to mention, Lulu is now 5 months since the 1st of June, my pictures are the old fashioned get them develop type for now. (:


She's got a great mind, Duine! And she's figured out that you're trainable! Gotta love her.

She is soo beautiful and look at those eyes!


I'm realizing that dogs can communicate, we just need to pay attention. Since it's just me and her and it's very quiet around here I notice more than normal. She pokes me with her nose when she wants something, usually it's to go outside and potty. Sometimes she's looking for a certain toy that went under furniture and she can't reach, she leads me to it and looks under the hiding spot then at me. Other times she wants food, water or a treat. Then the border collie shows up, she herds her toys close together, a few ice cubes or 2 tiny frozen carrot treats will be pushed around in circles but always kept together, the nose poking is a characteristic too. Very entertaining. (:


I really respond to dogs that look you in the eyes. Looks like she does that.


Cuddles given, she has been such a joy to have around. (:


She's a darling, Duine!! Please give her a cuddle from me! :o)

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