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On Wooded Hill (Medium)

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©2020 Kyrin Original Image.
Everything here is real - yes, real. The forest, birds and squirrel I photographed in England, the unicorn and fairies I photographed at home. From there, the digital magic wove together to bring us a Fae's glimpse of a Unicorn :)

I confirm that I made this digital art creation from copyright-free images and my own photographs. No unauthorised use of this image allowed without prior written permission of the artist. If you wish to use this image on your web page, you MUST include artist's name and link to the Viewbug page.

This puzzle can be searched under OnWoodedHill or On_Wooded_Hill

Available sizes: 12, 63, 108, 221, 300, 432 & 540


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Oh you are very welcome Carol! Thank you for taking the time to comment :-D
Every time I see this picture, I step right back to that path up the hill in Sunderland! I can't wait to return :)

Thank you for the beautiful tree canopy and all the magical beings residing in it!


Oh thank you :-D
It's one of my personal favorites too ;-)


Loving what you have accomplished here.


With open arms!
They know how to spot those of us who love me ;-)

Hey do you know how well you've done with your time???
Methinks that a bit of fairy magic has zoomed you through this one :)
Well done Lovely Lady! Well done XOXO

YEA! YEA! YEA for me! Think they will let me come thru innto their land??????????????


Ahh looking at that specific tree trunk now, yes, I can see what you're referring to. It looks to me like it's a knot in the bark, so in a sense, it can be thought of as a tunnel, because it's part of folklore and fairy legends that the holes in tree trunks (especially those right at the base) are doors, or portals, into their world!
So I'm calling it Girl - you have seen a tunnel into their world! Good on you :-D

OK - I still say it looks like a horseshoe but if you say it is a watermark I will agree;HOWEVER, I also think what I thought was a black hole, like beginning of a tunnel, is the trunk of the tree the butterfly is fluttering over. No black hole - but I really thought it looked like a secret tunnel there. Geezzz, you have fairies, squirrel, butterfly, birds in your puzzle - and you quibble about a secret tunnel????????? I also saw the squirrel. Hugs again, you Aussie!!!


Hah hah "so there" back ;)
I'm so glad you like this one too! I like strong colours and clear definition in my puzzles, so I can see how my art is influenced first by puzzle-making imagery ;)

As for the horseshoe... I think you may be seeing the space between the watermark C, but in that area, just up from the unicorn's head, is a squirrel. You'll see it better if you zoom in on the finished puzzle. Actually, that's when you can see a lot of detail in many pictures, by zooming right in on the finished scene! Did you know that?
Hugs to you too my lovely friend across the waves XOXO

What a fun puzzle - I like your digital art. The colors are terrific and easy to distinguish. May I ask what the black circle is starting up from the tip of the unicorn's horn, up past the butterfly and down like a horseshoe; inside of the horseshoe is a forest scene like maybe going into a tunnel? Or is that all my imagination? Anyway, I like your digital very much. The fairies have now seen an unicorn. I don't think you need to change it - it is good where it is. You could get too much into the scene. So there, too! LOL Hugs, Peggy


At last, the final instalment! I do hope you like the finish (if not, well, I'm a bit done with changing it, so there lol)
@kmccarrel @Peggystarr3
Please feel welcome to tag friends you know who might like it too :)