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My dog is really smart

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I also post puzzles as ParsonWayne


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The only downside to that Wendy is if your indoor cat/dog does need to see the vet, it can catch an air born feline or canine virus. It happened to one of my indoor cats many years ago.


So funny thank you☺☺


It all depends on what's done to them and how the vet is, doesn't it?? Thanks Wayne! :-))))))




Kinky is always willing to go, and equally as willing to leave when he's done with his visit.


That is hilarious. Livvy loves to go to the vet because she is a cute dog and everybody makes such a fuss over her, which is just up her alley. And the doctor gives her a treat. My big Scrappy cat on the other hand, no way. He and the vet have an understanding. He won't bit him so long as he doesn't hurt him. My little cat, JJ, doesn't go to the vet at all. The only time I managed to catch her, she got her shots, and was so sick for almost a week I don't take her back. The cats are indoor cats anyway. - Wend


Mine have always pulled me INTO the clinic. They knew there were treats in there! :o)


i always had to have my sheeba on a leash when taken her to the vet. as soon as she sniffed around the entrance to the vet, she wanted to run back to the car.