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Salvador Dali—Figure at the Window, 1925

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"According to Rafael Santos Torroella, one of the great Salvador Dalí scholars, between 1923 and 1926 the painter did at least a dozen portraits of his sister Anna Maria, including the two in the Museo Reina Sofía collection, Figura en una finestra (Figure at the Window) and Retrato (Portrait). After they were shown in 1925 at the Dalmau gallery, certain critics, including Folch i Torres, linked Dalí’s portraits to Catalan Noucentisme. According to Dalí himself in his book The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí, Picasso praised the pictures after his visit to the Dalmau gallery, and there is no doubt that they contain a certain echo of Picassian Classicism.

"Figura en una finestra is perhaps the absolute masterpiece of the series of portraits of Anna Maria. Rafael Santos Torroella stated that the painting is 'a marvel for the skill with which it combines the occupied spaces and the empty spaces, giving them equal compositional importance to such an extent that the fact that he has simply eliminated one of the window casements (the left one) escapes the viewer, who does not even notice the anomaly, despite the fact that this is precisely where so much of the enigmatic beauty radiating from the painting, with its pure serenity, resides.'” ~Paloma Esteban Leal
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Haha, Jeri! :-)

Thanks, Nev, for the more brutal side of the story. :-/

Ron, it's okay to snooze while you're puzzling. :-)

Marcia, I agree. :-)

There, everyone got a "face" of sorts. ;-))


It is lovely.


First class effort, Ron. :-)))


It seems I took 21:51:46 to finish this one! Must have fallen asleep on the job! Worth it though. Lovely painting!


From the site Art&Design inspiration:-

Figure at the Window is a painting of a dark-haired woman standing and leaning against a window sill as she is looking out an open window to a bay. The landscape behind the window is the bay of Cadaqués, where Dali used to stay in the summer. The focal point of the picture is on the back of the woman, not what she is looking at. Her dress is minimized and chaste. Simple, non-assuming and relaxed. The window seems larger than life and takes up more than half the painting.
This woman is Anna Maria his sister three years younger with whom he was close with, particularly after the death of their mother. Anna Maria was his only female model until Gala replaced her in 1929.
“At that time my brother painted countless portraits of me. Many of them were simply studies of hair and a bared shoulder”.
However the closeness did not last! Dali got mad and retribution followed.
Dali had a sort of falling out with his sister who wrote an autobiography in 1949 that portrayed a very different view of Dali to the one he had carefully constructed in his autobiographies; this led to the collapse of their relationship.
As revenge it is said that he painted another version of this Figure at a Window in 1954 and called it Young Virgin Auto-Sodomized by the Horns of Her Own Chastity.
The painting is in stark opposite to Woman at the Window which is seen as chaste, neutral and non assuming. The painting above [Young Virgin Auto-Sodomized by the Horns of Her Own Chastity] ‘looks’ like an explicit Dali painting. Interesting are the windows in each painting. The figure above [Young Virgin Auto-Sodomized by the Horns of Her Own Chastity] overwhelms the window while the classical window overwhelms the figure in proportion.

Thanks, Gayle. A fascinating artwork, and it was a fabulous puzzle to solve (9:22). It was terrific to find his "revenge" painting too, and perhaps this can be posted at a future time (for comparison purposes).


Wet tee shirt contest... Only Salvador Dali could pull this one off.

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