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Woman reading, artist unknown.

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This painting, found on Pinterest, is attributed to Carl Larsson. Although the figure silhouette and pose is similar to paintings of Larsson's wife, Karin, the signature is not Carl Larsson's.
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Hurray! I'm glad now because you'll be as busy looking at art as I am. '= ) Dinner is coming from outside tonight because I've spent hours re-perusing all the Larsson works and information.


Excellent suggestion! Bing actually works with my old software. I had tried other search engines but they don't allow me to change the background color from white. Thank you, Annie!

We do, indeed, share the same passion for art and in the same way. If Google images are not to be seen, try Bing search engine, which is my preferred search. Typing in an artist's name will bring up Bing's images of art for that artist. Of course some incorrect images float in, but it gives you a good look at most of the works. Hope that will help your quest. -- Annie


My pleasure. I'm not an artist but I do love looking at art, so doing puzzles is a great way to see a lot of artists I normally wouldn't know about. Due to my ancient software on my big screen computer, I can't see Pinterest or even Google images. So I have to rely on artists' websites. Or sites that are selling the work of particular artists. I enjoy finding images and tracking down the artist even more than actually doing the puzzles. :) Larsson's art is lovely, isn't it? How wonderful that he had 8 children and painted them so extensively. Going to look up the Witch's Daughter... Cheers, Bethany

Aha! I did find references to The Witch's Daughter, with one reference that let me enlarge it. His signature is at the top right and rather large, yet hidden in the shadow. My MA thesis was a study of Larsson, and in all the books I own or used in the art library, I had never seen this work. I wish I had back then. So cool what you've opened up for me, Bethany, I can't thank you enough. --- Annie

First, thank you, Bethany, for that link!! I noted a number of Larssons I had never seen. Did you see "The Witch's Daughter?" It's, perhaps, an early work, but it certainly isn't his style. Karin Bergoo was drawn to design for the home, but did do a few paintings (never thought to check for them, now I will). I think you're right about the signature, too. Karin could well have done it or at that date Carl was still developing his? None of the earlier dated works shown on have his signature. I love a mystery, thank you for providing that. := }


This actually is a painting by Carl Larsson. (SURPRISE since Pinterest is so unreliable.) I was looking at some of his paintings on this website and there it was. Then I came to Jigidi and looked at your puzzles! His wife painted too. Maybe it's her signature?

I will try to do that later today, Bib. (Hoping I can still find it. Computer Behaving Badly and has deleted a number of photos, recipes and book chapters. Grrrrrrrrrr!) Fall is my favorite!


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Could you post this painting in a large size, or have you already and I just
didn't run across it? Thanks

Mrs Dora Lamm And Her Two Eldest Sons
Carl Larsson
Date: 1903; Sweden
Style: Art Nouveau (Modern)
Genre: portrait

This is a lovely portrait, I don't think that the "Woman Reading" above is by Carl Larson
I looked on webpages showing his art (his name is on the webpage) and it isn't on there,
but would could the artist be?


Hi! anno,

Just stopped by to say hello,hope you are doing well, fall weather will be here
soon (for my part of the world, and I have a dilemma, yard work or researching
genealogy. I think it will have to be the former, and will most likely be cutting
back on the posting of puzzles on jigsaw. Take care.


The first letters look like a C. L. it is rather messy, see if
you can open the link below, there is a large painting of
this one and below the painting is............

Carl Larsson:
Swedish Realist Painter, 1853-1919 Swedish painter, illustrator and printmaker. He came from a poor family and studied (1866-76) at the Konstakademi in Stockholm, supporting himself throughout this period. From 1871 to 1878 he contributed illustrations to the comic journal Kaspar and the Ny illustrerad tidning. From 1875, for several decades, he was a prolific book illustrator, his most renowned work in this field being his drawings for Föltskärns beröttelser ('The Barber-surgeon's tales'; pubd 1883-4) by Zacharius Topelius, and the Rococo-inspired watercolours for the Samlade skaldeförsök ('Collected attempts at poetry'; pubd 1884) by the 18th-century Swedish author Anna Maria Lenngren.

The above has been translated, I think, and I am not familiar with Carl Larson's signature,
and am turning of the computer, the sun is going down and I am out of here. I found
this anno, by googling as sometimes others can find names that we who post the art

Thank you, scottybrown. I do agree and wish I knew the real artist's name.


This is such an interesting and compelling painting

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