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sometimes I ice them...sometimes I just put some coloured sugar on them when they are still hot....depends on how lazy I am feeling at the


Robin, these sure look good, and I don't add salt to recipes and use one third the sugar usually. Mum wrote all her recipes down on lined paper like this. I will try and bake these some time, do you ice them? Just love icing on cakes. Thanks my friend.(❀ᴗ❀)


I love raisins too....used to call them reebees when I was I too would eat the whole box...and they are good for you too...but not so much for your teeth)lol


yummy yummy ☺☺☺


My grandson loves raisins. He insist on the whole small box until they are “all gone”. :-)


lol juba......I put raisins in everything.....I love them...especially chocolate covered ones(to eat by themselves I in the cookies)


These sound good too. I’ve never put raisins in chocolate before. I like walnuts.

good to hear - will follow your advice re the salt - thanks again =D


I am sorry should read 1/4 tsp "each" powder and salt..but I never use salt

Hay mackabroin, thanks for the recipe - will try it - but can't read what it says - a 1/4 ts of what?
will let you know how I go =D


well I couldn't wait.......I have just made my little brownie/ cupcakes.......I got 2dozen raisin and 2dozen sugar sprinkles and a dozen chocolate chip......and I think I have eaten half of them already....LOL......I hope you like the recipe as much as I do


yes I am no on the quay itself...but on quayside drive....and I love it...lots of people don't like the trains...but I love problem for is a lovely walk for me and my have a student who lives here and he goes to sfu......I most always have a student....homestay is hard to find around here.......I am off now to make the this "" has made me hungry....and the kids will all be here tonight and they love them too.......neat to know we were "neighbors" ..........hope you like them


thanks robin! i will make them and get back to you on them. i'm sure i will be raving about them. i don't think i remember you being from new west! i did my graduates studies at SFU, i lived in burnaby. i had spine surgery at royal columbian hospital. loved walking at the quay


sorry about the mixup.....I am old you like the little ones best....much less

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