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Hello there Adrianna! Does this mean your going to try and make some of these for your gardens? I hope so, as I'd love to see how they turn out and what kinds of plants you decide to use for them!


I like this garden idea! I like this kind of different!...Hugs in return.


Hi Ann! L.O.L. They are a bit unnerving aren't they? But still cool in a weird kind of way! I just love the idea of all the different types of plants out there that could actually make for really great hair for these guys! You and I will just stick to our cheerfull Flower Plates then! Thanks for dropping by to chat with me my good friend, I so love hearing from you! You have a wonderful week and I'll see you soon on your puzzles!...Hugs!!!


Hi Monica. I think I'll pass on this one. I must be the only one who would be a bit freaked out by seeing heads in my yard! So all you guys enjoy this one---I'll stick with happy-looking plates, etc.
:-)) ...........


Gnt1041- Hello there my friend, yes I am on full speed right now as I love this time of the year when I get to plan all of our gardens! I do have so much fun at it too, making pretty things to place everywhere throughout my gardens! Then all of my neighbors hear about it and want to come over and see what I've done so that they can do it themselves for all of their own gardens! L.O.L. Thanks so much for stopping by to see me! Have a wonderful day/evening!

Smllpkg101- Well hello there my new jigidi friend, good to hear from you! I'm very happy that you like this garden idea, perhaps you'd like to try it in your garden! Thanks for dropping by!

Adrianna- L.O.L. I am grinning from ear to ear, thanks so much, I'm so very happy that you like this garden idea! Wasn't quite sure what people would think of it as it's kind of different!...Hugs

Rob- L.M.A.O. You are so very funny Rob! But, I think you are quite right about his face! It does look a little bit worse for the wear! Thanks so much my friend for commenting!...Hugs and more hugs.


That guy 2nd left looks a bit of a bruiser!!! I think he's had his nose punched a few times!! The others look so nice - cute idea Monica!!


Wauw !! This one is my Favorit.


Very clever. Makes a neat display.


Your brain must be on full speed cause U come up with all these great ideas to use for garden space


Almost? It definitely makes me think of Hawaii! L.O.L. Thanks grandmalucy for stopping by to comment!


It almost makes me think of Hawaii.


Why thank you ever so much amakrokis2! I really appreciate your stopping by to chat! So happy you like this idea! Have a very good weekend!


What a lovely idea! Well done!

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