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Punkin enjoying a bed of catnip

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This is Punkin, my oldest cat. He’s around 13 but still acts young. He acts more like a dog than cat and will follow you around and is quite the talker. He actually likes dogs, big dogs in particular. I planted some catnip and they really enjoy it. They will lay in the big pot and enjoy the aroma. It’s interesting how cats respond differently to catnip. I have a few that don’t seem interested but others go crazy for it.
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Thank you all! Always nice to see fellow cat/animal lovers

Just like people with drink & cigarettes, some not interested, others go crazy for it.


Our present cat is the only one who enjoys catnip while all our previous ones showed little or no interest. Love the pic :-)


Lovely looking cat your Punkin, enjoying his bed of cat nip☺


Great picture! I, too, have had cats that ignored catnip and others that went crazy for it. Thanks for posting.


Thank you!

He's cute. I love cats.


Lol. Yes. Thanks Dizzy

Punkin is just sayin - "Paws off! This catnip is mine!" - Beautiful kitty! LOL


Yes, Punkin is mine. I’ve had him about 8 years. He’s a sweet boy and enjoys both the fresh and dried catnip.. he’s has a silky coat that really stands out in the sun ☀️


So he's yours, not a foster.
Punkin's thick grey coat invites stroking!
Maybe he broke off one branch of catnip so you'll dry it for him for the winter. Some cats prefer dried catnip year-round, while others like to immerse themselves in green catnip, as Punkin apparently does. And some are more attracted to honeysuckle wood, preferably after it's been soaked.


Very true! Had that happen many times..


It doesn't matter how many toys I buy or make for her, her favourite thing to play with is a piece of cardboard from a box she shredded herself. She's cheaply entertained!


Thanks Limosa! Yes, cats definitely have their own minds on what they like. Seems like the more you try to get them to like something, the less interested they become. Haha


Punkin's a beauty! Grey cats look so wise.

It seems to be a toss-up whether cats like catnip. My cat Noor doesn't care about it at all and is only slightly interested in matatabi. She goes crazy over large bird feathers, though!

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16 January 2021 - 9 June 2017
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