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Morning From Whidbey!

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They have settled in for their morning nap!


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Carol, l love your sense of humor- l have a small but vibrant front garden- 3/4 of it eaten away by you know who- l give up on the rest- the thing is their taste change from year to year- just when l think something is "safe" & spend $$$$$$$ on it, they find it a delicious new treat-
One funny thing- l have a large circular plot of catnip- long soft stems, small soft leaves, with small soft flowerets...anyway l found that someone had flattened it out in the middle- l was told it was the mother deer who found a cradle for her fawn while she dined on my flowers. l guess l was lucky she didn't have twins.
Now the baby no longer needs to be plunked down and the plant has straightened out by itself....꒰•‿•꒱ Jean


Jyl.......that is funnneee. I think in my case my filthy car makes the neighbors cars look stupendous. I keep thinking I should buy a new car. "Reasonable Carol" talks to "Idiot Carol" and points out.......I have a good car I love (Honda Pilot), I don't go anywhere and hate to drive........


Woe to me: I'm "in the country" and have many indigenous plant neighbors. Therefore I don't bother--oops--cannot grow a garden without its being devoured by said neighbors. My "yard" is quite the natural thing: almost everything is a product of the four-legged friends. I take a "weedeater" to it now and then and let nature, including the four-legged ones, do the rest. Nobody complains: my gardening makes theirs look stupendous.


Jyl, agreed. :) Lovely lady next door, she did have landscaping done like mine...bark, gravel, pampas etc. She has a delightful green thumb (of which I don't -lol) and has pots and pots of flowers.


I'm not a gardener but somewhere along the way I learned (maybe a second grade teacher) that things go better if you adjust your surroundings to what is already "there" instead of trying to change what's there to what you wish to be there. Gardeners seem to learn the difference between them . . . other people, not so much.


Dusty's right. Charming visitors. Glad you enjoy them. :-))


I LOVE neighbor, not so much. :( They love her as she has planted a deer buffet of goodies and keeps them nicely weeded so Bambi and her boyfriend don't have to bring a knife and fork.


Wonderful, to have these guests!