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A View of the Country

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This is looking west from the lawn behind my porch.
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  1. Robbos1:27
  2. Ianto1:41
  3. glenestele1:47
  4. diannez2:01
  5. revreb2:03
  6. RLPD2:06
  7. vt11632:40
  8. varenya3:10
  9. JVP3:35
  10. andy6912:20


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@naturelovingfarmer Ryan, what a wonderful view for you and Nancy! What kind of trees are those on the left? And, surprised to see mountains (do they have name?)! How wonderful! Like Cyndi said, seems that we are all surrounded by mountains.

As to Zones, we're sometimes considered Zone 4 but most of the time I get Zone 2-3 plants. Usually saves on lots of anguish. :) It often depends where on your property you're planting. Some plants survive horrid winters because I've put them on the sunny side of the house or outbuildings - the reflecting winter sun seems to help? Or I mulch them with leaves/hay.

Don't know what Ohio is like along a river in Winter. Here, it can cut both ways. River property can sometimes be colder than where we are. But, that could be due to eastern Montana's sub-zero weather. I admit I'm a little jealous that you're in Zones 6-7!! Whew! Only in my dreams! Ha.


I would just call the main office and ask them who handles the hardiness zones.


Yeah, it's snowing all over, but as you see, we have nice weather. I'm trying to figure out who to contact at the USDA to let them know they have the hardiness zone wrong along the Ohio River. It's listed as 6b, but I think it's 7a.


We both are surrounded by mountains then. Being surrounded by mountains helps to keep the bad weather away.....


We're surrounded by mountains here. No matter where you look, there are mountains. But we're down by the river at a lower altitude.


What a beautiful view Ryan. It looks like y'all have some mountains in the background there too!

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