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I tried to cook the ribs on the grill, are they done yet?

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  1. Brie16480:10
  2. lordmojo0:11
  3. pumpkinhead0:13
  4. Ianto0:14
  5. like921150:14
  6. Robbos0:15
  7. PLG19580:15
  8. snooker0:16
  9. superpablo0:17
  10. alias2v0:17


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Hi Brie, Awwwww thanks. That makes me feel better. Good advice, I'll start them in the oven next time. LOL


Hi Jeannie - I think they look great - 'when it's black, it's done' my mum used to say. I always bake the ribs slowly in the oven, basting them and then finish them off on the grill to get the 'barbecue' taste but not burnt. I think the place setting looks lovely :-))


Suzy, the dry rub and beer sound really good! I used the knife to cut them apart, but the meat was all right inside, just the outside was....chard! LOL


Ribs need to be cooked low and slow. We put them on a grate in a pan that has a can of beer in it. Dry rub. No sauce til the end.
The rest of your dinner, looks quite elegant-wine in a fancy glass and everything!
(Did the sharp knife help with the ribs? ) :)


Snooker, I don't know about that, but I do have to think about what I want to burn for supper tonight! :)) Maybe I'll eat out!

You will be a master grilling chef in no time. Keep at it. :)


Faye, I love food cooked on the grill.......usually! :DDD

Bentleyd, the thing is, I'm sure I'll do it again!!! At least now I know I'm in good company! LOL

Elly, go for it my friend! You can't do any worse than I did! :DDD Invite the neighbors in! LOL

Riveroad, honest, thanks for the advice, Glen wouldn't let me within 10 feet of the grill, I really don't know how to do this! Oh, and the wine was the best part of the meal! LOL

Yellowgal, you're too funny, yep I ate it! Oh, I'll try it again. Food cooked on the grill tastes so good. But I'll practice on something else before I try steak! :DDDD

OMG, I couldn't help a short giggle here, mostly because I'd have done the same thing, and also I could tell (before I read it) that you were going to eat it anyway!! Wish I had some tips for you, but I stopped trying to grill years ago. You go for it, Jeannie, practice makes perfect (?) !


The wine looks good! A secret to bbqing-moderate heat and don't put the sauce on til the meat is cooked ;-))


Now I see this, Jeannie, the next week I trying too, on my balcony, maybe after tha,t I haven't neighbours more:-) ear to ear. Elly


Lol jeannie, I have done this too:-))
Enjoy your day:-))


Hee hee...but good for you for trying! :)))


Charsm, my Mom use to refer to it as "burnt offerings". I ate it anyway...I did. :))


ROFL! Looks like something I would do! Love it.


I really don't know how to cook on a grill except for hot dogs! Help!


:-( Been there...done that!!!


PLG......It was eatable....but you should have seen the flames!


LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!

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