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Chicago Polar Vortex

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“The frozen waters of Lake Michigan border the snow-covered city of Chicago, Illinois, USA, during the polar vortex that occurred in January 2019. Chicago finished off that January with 13 consecutive days of snow and some of its coldest temperatures in more than three decades.”

41.833647°, -87.872390°

Courtesy of Daily Overview
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Ha! You're welcome!

I feel freezing just looking at the finished puzzle, thanks for the fun post.


As someone who does not live near any big bodies of water, I appreciate your insightful description, Pat. You're welcome, I love the photo too!

The coordinates above are not correct for this overview. But I think this Google Maps view will give you some inkling of what a tiny bit of the lake we're seeing here.

Ice that's breaking up or freezing on huge expanses of water is really fascinating in it's colour, movement and sense of being completely alive...and it's also beautiful, powerful, awesome, dangerous, etc...; one of those things that makes you able to (have to?) laugh at human attempts to control things! This is a good photo to support the awesome scale of that: How big would a single person be in that city? v-à-v How small a portion of the lake's ice are we even seeing here?
Thanks, Bill! Love the photo!


You bet, Pat.


Thanks, Bill.


That sounds likely, cc. And your winter experience sounds beautiful!

I think cyan is the color that is left when red is taken out of white. The water (and presumably ice) filter out the red color. My parents used to live across from Lake Michigan. In the early 90s, I lived with them in a really cold winter, so I got to see it in person. That color is one of the most beautiful that I have ever seen.


I remember it too, donns. What an unusual event! Cyan plays the role of blue in the world of printing. It is pronounced "sigh ann". That color model is referred to as CMYK, for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

And you're most welcome!


It's really dramatic to see it from overhead!

I remember that Polar vortex and the ice on the Great Lakes. And it looks like ice and snow in the city, too. Brrr.
I especially appreciate the comment below with the word cyan, which I'd never heard used, and didn't know how to pronounce, even. Google says it's pronounced like "scion". Who knew?
Thank you, I learn so much from these puzzles and comments.

What a special time. Standing on the shore, there's a fair bit of open water and you would have no idea that there is ice piled up for miles offshore. But seeing the beautiful cyan tone in the ice . . . must have been so cool.

Love it!



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