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πŸ‘Ÿ,,,🐾🐍 Into the wilderness 🐍🐾,,,πŸ‘Ÿ

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Chitwan National Park, Nepal

"Bear Bus"
bear mom carries on her back her two cute offspring

This species of bear - Melursus ursinus - inhabits the lowlands of East India and Nepal.
It feeds mainly on ants and termites, and its snout is perfectly adapted to their hunting, as are its long claws. When sucking insects, it emits a sound similar to a vacuum cleaner, which is audible up to a distance of 500 m. It is active especially in the evening and at night, meeting in daylight is relatively rare. It is the only species of bear that carries its cubs on its back. Today a whole nice family came to show us.
In this photo, when approached, you can see how strenuous it is for little teddy bears to stay on their mother's back.
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Jill, you're right, I think it's very challenging for mom and her cubs. No wonder he's the only bear doing it β™₯:))


Putem, thank you very much for your beautiful comment, I'm glad you like them β™₯:))


Suzy, thank you, melting heart that's the best expression for this cute little family. I'm thinking about it, they're walking somewhere in the Park right now, and we can watch them like they're with us now β™₯:))


Ed, thank you for your visit and hospitality. A bear family would be happy to have a nice neighbor like you. You are right, the presence of such cute animals that are not so dangerous would definitely make us happy β™₯:))


Mary, thank you for coming to see that cute family, I'm glad you like it β™₯:))


Quite a balancing act by the cubs.

Fantastic photo.


Melting my heart. With thanks!!


Thanks, Deanna for this series. If you told me a bear family was moving into the neighborhood I would have felt threatened. But this variety sounds like a huge plus. Ants? Termites? Be my guest!


How cute.Thanks for sharing.

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