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20 10 17 Today's Harvest in the Forest_IMG_2081

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Mushrooms picked in the forest - yum!
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  1. DizzyDame719:05
  2. picksycap31:48
  3. Nickholik32:30
  4. jiri4640:34


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We find some huge orange mushrooms that turn blue when you cut or break them; grow in woods along fairways at Banff Springs Resort Hotel! Mu mother-in-law salts them to preserve and then uses them in stews - very tasty! These were picked by a friend. I need a field guide along to make sure I don't poison anyone - so many look alike - one is edible and the other is toxic!

The cauliflower fungus is yummy! I only find one every other year at best. Usually fry it, add a little cream and pepper, then eat on toast.

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