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Watercolor Paint

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  1. jmd272:34
  2. kaibreuck2:39
  3. evielou3:03
  4. kernow3:03
  5. Tdot3:05
  6. JG5463:09
  7. odetteschilderen19733:12
  8. Archaeon3:12
  9. Peninsula3:14
  10. mane3:18


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Interesting comments. I did this today and there are over 950 solves already. I rarely get on the leader board and wonder how others do it so quickly. I generally do the edges first unless there is a block of colour , faces or pattern and I also have a large screen monitor so I can see it all rather than on my Ipad which I find restricting for puzzles. Ah well, have a lovely weekend everyone and festive greetings to you and yours. Carolina xx


Love all the colours. Thank you! :-)


It is take your time ....there is no contest here. (my opinion only) as long as you enjoy the finish, that is all that matters. Have a good day! Happy Holidays to you and yours.


I've no idea how you people solve puzzles so fast. I'm working on a 27" iMac. I start by matching colors and pulling edge pieces to the borders. I'm not trying to rush, but it took me 6:21 to solve it. I figure I'm doing well if I manage only 1-1/2 times the time of the slowest on the board.


Thank you for this fun puzzle.
dasutton, it is nice to know that others have different approaches to solving, making their own game of it.

I often make smaller puzzles more challenging by starting in one corner and doing just one row at a time - which is why I took more than 3 minutes to solve it!


i don't think I have ever noticed a puzzle that I chose to do with so many people who have solved it before. 684 is a lot of people who have liked your puzzle enough to solve it in 14 hours. I am impressed!! And now I will solve it. Thanks for sharing.


Looks well used. A cheerful puzzle, thank you


I don't normally take random challenges, but this was irresistible. Made me long to get out my watercolors...


That is very art warming. Thank you. 12-6-23

Nice colourful picture, thank you.


Same here....I worked it with more pcs.

┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊ ⭐
┊ ✯ Merry✯December☆¸.•*•.¸☆⭐


Enjoyed this puzzle, did increase the number of pieces as I like to have more of a challenge.

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