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Perth City from Kings Park, Perth, Western Australia

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Not huge as cities go but a beautiful place to live. It is claimed that Perth is the most isolated capital city in the world.
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  1. glenestele1:18
  2. Allanb1:21
  3. libiohac1:31
  4. Lynetteoz1:32
  5. thebetterhalf1:35
  6. bolle1:36
  7. Prof1:36
  8. dukeycash1:38
  9. owl21:42
  10. Deanna1:43


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Yes! Maybe we could all meet at one central location. It is fun to dream, anyway! :)


Gina, it would so exciting if that could happen. There are quite a lot of Aussies on Jigidi so you might have your hands full but what fun it would be. Who knows??? ♥♥


It looks nice, & hopefully was well planned out. Would love to travel to Australia some day, & meet all of my Jigidi friends there! :)


Janet, there really are some fabulous views from Kings Park. Perth reminds me of how Brisbane was before Expo 88 and most people from the southern states referred to it as a big country town. That has certainly changed these days and it is so busy now it quite does my head in. I would hope that Perth retains its own character well into the future but with the population growing at a huge pace, who knows? ☺♥☺


Sandgroper, what a lovely setting for your son's wedding but I know what you mean about the temperature. The hottest day I experienced when we lived there was some time back in the nineties and it was 46°C (115°F) and out in the sun it felt as though your lungs were on fire with every breath. However, the humidity was so low that I had not one drop of perspiration on me unlike it is here in Queensland. ♥☺♥


Another stunning view thanks Pammi. We have never been to Perth. Hugs ♥♥♥

We live in Safety Bay,my son got married in Kings Park,it was 42c that day


Lynette, thebetterhalf and Francamia, thank you for your lovely comments. Yes, we lived in Perth for 25 years until returning to Queensland three years ago and without doubt there is so much I miss about Perth. It is a lovely place to live and we actually lived in Wanneroo and I most certainly miss it. What great news about that tremendous amount raised for the children's hospital. That will be most welcome. ☺☺☺☺


Home for me, thanks for sharing.

Yes," the west is best" here in Perth.
Last night the west raised $36.4 million for our childrens hospital and research. All in 24 hours.


Lovely city to visit but it's been quite a few years for me Pammi :-)

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