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"And now for something entirely different..." (For you MP fans!)

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  1. gaiagirl1:28
  2. brian_james1:33
  3. JHZ1:35
  4. icarus771:54
  5. smpatricia2:04
  6. LJerry2:08
  7. irisriver2:12


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So glad you are feeling a bit better! ♥♥♥☺


Thanks, folks. Got back from getting the test (PCR version) about an hour ago. Feeling a bit better today but so. very. tired. :-( (I'm cringing at looking at how dirty the house is, especially after having our 80 pound fluffy grand-dog here last week...)

Run away! Run away! Sorry to hear about your probable Covid, so glad you're vaccinated, depending on where you live, you might not be able to get a hospital bed.


Sending healing vibes! ♥♥♥


Rest, take care!


Unfortunately, this is the way my late summer is shaping up. First, our son got 'T-boned' last Tuesday (thank God for 20 year old airbags that still worked!) and walked away with *just* bruising. The other person, who tried to make an illegal turn and ran into him, was taken away in an ambulance. (He's the one who sent me the above picture -- LOL!)

And now, in spite of still being a virtual hermit since March 2020 and always wearing a mask when I do go outside the house and having gotten my 2 required jabs last winter, I'm in my third day of what is probably covid -- will be getting tested tomorrow. Feeling below par but no temp, no shortness of breath -- just lots of coughing and achiness. I'm certain that w/o the vaccine, it would have been a much more dire situation!

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