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Graciela- Hello my friend, thank you so very much for all of your past prayers as they have helped me more than you will ever know, and yes I am doing so much better and getting stronger with each passing day! Hugs in return!!! God bless!!!

Ringleader- Hey there Ardy, how are you doing these days? Yes, I really am handling it much better these days, like I said to Graciela, I feel stronger than ever! Thanks so much, and yes I will be popping in from time to time! Can't spend a whole lot of time on the computer though because my hubby says I spend way too much time on the computer and not enough time with him! l.o.l. But, I can't stay too long away from puzzles so, he'll just have to deal with me being on it for at least small amounts of time now and then! Many Blessings and lots of big hugs too!!!


Monica, what a mess and discouraging situation. But you sound like you are handling it like a trooper. Really thankful to feel you strong and positive again. I hope you can pop in from time to time. Blessings and prayers. xoxo


I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better Monica!! Hugs!!


Hello dear Ardy, sorry I've been away for so long, we're trying to get our house ready for when my dad and step-mom come out for their visit in early Dec. for Christmas! Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers, it's so very appreciated and I'm doing so much better these days! I wanted you to know that even when I'm away from jigidi I still think about all my friends here, and miss you all so much! We just got the new toilet in our guest bathroom installed, boy was THAT a real messy job! We've got a HUGE tree root growing underneath our master bathroom toilet that we need to work on next! They say we're going to have to rip up our new tiling and tear up the floor all around the toilet with a jack hammer in order to get to the tree root and then dig out the root and then replace the floor and put down new tile again! So, NOT looking forward to that job, but it has to get done, because we always let my parents have the master bedroom/bath whenever they come to visit! It's just easier for them and it gives them more privacy! I'll try to find some time to pop in every now and then to see everyone here on jigidi, until then my friend, God bless!...Many big hugs and kisses!...Monica


Hi Monica. I'm hoping you will be able to pop onto Jigidi for your birthday on the 14th. You are daily in my prayers. Prayers now of thanksgiving that you are doing so well. Blessings and Hugs.


Fileusa- Hi there Patricia, sorry I've been away for so long, we've been so very busy getting the house ready for my dad and step-mom for when they come out to visit us in Dec. Yes, I'm still doing really well and getting stronger and stronger each day, thank you so much for asking. Don't worry about not getting on jigidi very often, the people here on jigidi are quite sweet and understanding about that and go through that themselves every now and then! My hubby's back is doing much better from when I last practiced flipping him for my preventative exercises. hahaha I'm so looking forward to the winter months as it's been so very hot here in Vegas! I don't get out much because I can't take the heat anymore. Thank you so much for keeping me in your thoughts Patricia, you are such a sweet lady! You too have been in my thoughts my friend. Always worrying if your overdoing it in this heat and humidity that we've been getting a lot of lately! Looking forward to seeing more of you during the winter months. Take care my good friend and God bless you too... Love & big hugs in return!...Monica

Graciela- Hello there Graciela, how have you been lately? Everything is wonderful with us, and I'm healing up very nicely! Thank you so much for asking, my friend! I hope all is well with you as well...Big hugs & kisses...Monica

Gemstone- How's it going with you Faye, hope all is well? Yes, I totally agree with you, this next year is going to be a much bigger and better year for me! I'm stronger than ever and feeling full of excited energy. This past year is just that, in the past where it is going to stay! Thank you so much my friend, for the birthday wishes, that's so very sweet of you! :D Well o.k., if you insist, I'll try and take it easy on "the old man" l.o.l. I promise you, I didn't hurt him all that bad, he's just being a big sissy, of course he IS going on 64 though! So, I probably shouldn't use him anymore as my subject. But, my son and his friends are all afraid of me too! l.o.l. So, who am I supposed to use from now on I wonder. hee,hee,hee...God bless...big hugs & kisses


another quick visit.. Please keep well..God bless...hugs and kisses..


Hi, Monica,

Just saw your name on Ank's birthday list and wanted to pop in to say hello and send my good wishes for a very happy birthday in August. It will be a brand new year for you...time to leave the old one behind...and time to start the new one healthy and empowered...and from your healing it looks like it will be a great year! Good for you!!! :))) Faye

P.S. Do take it easy on "the old man"! LOL


Just checking in Monica, hope everything is ok with you!!


Hi Monica...hope you are still doing well. although by what I have read, I can tell that you are very well indeed. What with taking down your hubby! You sound pretty strong to me! I don't blame him for telling you to practice on your son..ha ha ha. What a funny story. Anyway, just to say, that you are still in my thoughts. I do not get on jigidi very often as you may be aware, I have a lot of work during the summer months and i am either too busy at home after work just trying to catch up or just too tired. Come the winter months, I will be more rested and have more time..In the's to a full recovery and God bless you... Love and hugs.. Patricia


chickiemama- Hey there Sandy, thanks so much, I'm so glad you like this pic too! ;-)))))

amakrokis2- Hi Maureen, thank you very much! I'm glad I do too, I don't know what I'd do without her, she's a great teacher when it comes to showing women how to protect themselves from perpetrators! If this ever happens to me again, I'll be more than prepared! They'll wish they never touched me! l.o.l. Most all of my wounds are healed, and I thank you for the big welcome back to jigidi, it feels so wonderful to be back again as I've missed all of my friends here! It was very hard for me to tell my story of what happened but I felt everyone needed to know so that they could learn from it! I would ask that all of my female friends here on jigidi do the same thing that I am doing right now, take preventative classes, they really are very helpful, and they work too! lol I practiced on my hubby the other day, he is twice as big as I am, and I was able to take him down! heeheehee We were both so shocked , and he was so proud of me too! From now on though he's asked me to practice on my son and his friends as they are much younger and can take being bounced around like that! Poor thing, he was hurting for several days after I flipped him onto the ground on his back!
Yes, I thought rainbows would be a perfect set of puzzles to post as they always remind me too, of God's promises! Lots of big hugs


So sorry to hear what happened to you. Glad that you have
a prevention officer to help you through this trauma.
Glad you are on the mend. Your Jigidi friends join with me in saying,
welcome back.Thanks for sharing your story,it is a warning to us all.
Rainbows was a good choice because it reminds us of Gods promises.




Hello Sandy, Lyndee, Ami, Patricia, Patti and Cevas,
Oh my goodness, I just absolutely LOVE all of your comments and wish I could take the time to answer each and every one like I usually do but it's so late and I need to get some shuteye soon! Firstly, I'm truly glad that you all are enjoying my rainbow series as much as I have! I do love rainbows so much, they are always so cheerful to me! They make me feel happy! Thank you all for your good wishes and thoughts and your prayers too! You've each played a part in my healing process and I know I couldn't have possibly healed nearly this fast without your help! God truly listened to your prayers and made me whole again and for the first time in months I feel like my old self again! I thank you all dearly for this, you are such wonderful people and I feel so very blessed to call you my friends! Ami, oh my gosh I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when you said you had left the protection of your car to go a distance away from it to take shots! Please, please just promise me that you'll be very careful when you do this, especially at night as that's when my attacker got a hold of me! They come upon you so quickly that you barely even have time to think let alone react! Maybe you could consider taking a friend or someone with you when you do this! I just don't want this to happen to you, or any one else for that matter, as you are all so very special to me, I can't stress that enough, ladies, just please BE SAFE, BE ON YOUR GUARD ALWAYS, especially if you are alone! There are predators everywhere out there just waiting to pounce on some unsuspecting innocent woman who is all alone! Check under your cars before getting in, and the inside of your car too! As your walking to your car don't unlock it until your right on top of it, and get in quickly! These are just things that my prevention officer has been teaching me in my weekly sessions these past few months since the attack! Well, I guess I'll get off of my soapbox now, hahaha! Thanks so much everyone, for being there for me! I pray that God watches over each and every one of you, my good friends!...Big hugs and kisses


Spectacular picture! Thank you Monica. Your puzzles bring us joy!


What a gorgeous set of rainbows, Monica! Reminds me of the bow of promise in the story of Noah!


This is so beautiful. Oh to be there! Thank you Monica. I do hope you are getting stronger each day.
God bless you.


I think this is my favorite so far. Thanks for posting it Monica, I think of you often, especially when I go out to get a few shots of a sunset in the evening and I have to go a distance from home to get to an open space to catch it. I feel very vulnerable and remember your advice to be vigilant. The other night in particular, I found a very nice spot to pull over and park, I had to get out of the car. I left my door wide open, my car running and my radio was on loud and I crossed over to the other side of my car, and then I remembered you and your admonition to be very on guard. Thankfully nothing happened but I think more now about being safe and not sorry!


Beautiful set Monica. Hope it reflects how your life is now. Wishing nothing but rainbows and butterflies! :)


Wow, somebody was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. Thanks Monica.

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