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  1. rolighed18:56
  2. tre169220:36
  3. fabfour21:54
  4. polle23:16
  5. debbiekins24:10
  6. kimryan28:32
  7. Resostenido30:17
  8. james7784531:11
  9. lils71731:57
  10. suske35:40


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I grew up watching them, loved it! Funny, my mom let us watch them but we couldn't watch the three stooges because they were too violent. If I remember correctly, sometimes Hardy picked on Laurel quite a bit too. Oh well! I would love to see those shows again. I think I'll look into buying my own set and introducing my granddaughter to them. She likes old "super hero" shows, maybe she'll like shows like this . . . and maybe Shirley Temple. It would be better than the garbage on TV today! Thanks for the memories fabfour!!!


When I was a child, my father would bring home a movie projector from the college where he worked and we would watch these comedic geniuses cavort all over the wall of our home. My father would be literally rolling on the floor he would laugh so hard. I introduced my children to Laurel & Hardy when they were young as well but they weren't as excited as I had been. I expect that my grandchildren won't want even want to watch their antics. Sigh . . . :/

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