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JAN. 8, 2019
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  1. Syke0:14
  2. laurajane0:16
  3. Robbos0:16
  4. Dilubreuer0:20
  5. era40:21
  6. Pekaji0:24
  7. Cc4u4ever0:24
  8. kenb0:25
  9. christysammy2020:25
  10. PLG19580:26


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Beautiful, Floyd. I saw one once, but my camera refused to show it in the photo I took (it was a very small one).


The sun was trying to get to the ice crystals and as a result the rainbowlike images.
Beekay, I would have likes to get the complete picture of both sun dogs and the sun.
That scene would have made the image complete.
Thank you bot, I appreciate your visit and comments.


These are a real treat to see and even more difficult to capture with the camera.
You managed to get a very nice picture of this one. ☺


Floyd, I think I have never seen one of these myself. Jim C used to post one sometimes. First one needs to have some sun shining which it hasn't bothered to do much for the last several days. ☺


Sun dog sare not seen here very often, either.
Barb: I wish I could have covered the other side including the sun.
Cyndi, they remind me of a rainbow but winter time.
Iris: They are quite rare, but attractive, even though it is cold outside.
Ardy: My pleasure to take and post this sun dog.
I saw the complete set coming home from curling yesterday,
but I have to be in the open to take it.
I am pleased to take and share this photo, Sandy.
Thank you all for your visit and kind comments.


Wow! Nice catch, Floyd. Glad you shared it.


Wonderful capture, Floyd.
Beautiful. Thank you.


I love seeing these too! ☺♥☺


I love it when I get to see a sun dog. TFP ~ Cyndi


Fantastic, congrats on taking such rare photo, Floyd... :)


I love it! Don't see these very often. Thanks for sharing!

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