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Horse Hair fired pieces from Acoma Pueblo

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We are starting to collect small pieces of Pueblo Indian pottery from the 12 various Pueblos. There are 12 of them so I hope we do not go broke making this collection.
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Shian2 I believe he told me he covers the pieces with horse hair prior to firing to get that color. Ardy we now have two bears one is when I was in Greenland and it is made from a Walrus tusk. I am having a problem with it because it is so dry here it has a crack in the tooth. I hope it is not a cavity from eating too much shell fish.


You are making a lovely collection. Write down what you know about each piece. I love the bear. Thanks, Rich. Lovely photos too.


I googled 'Pueblo pottery' very interesting but I haven't been able to find out about the actual horse hair firing, I'm thinking along the lines of the pieces are wrapped in the horse hair when fired. In my pottery days I used banana skins draped over pieces when being fired. Will be looking forward to seeing more of your purchases, Thanks, Richard and Sandy.


The symbols on the pieces were told to us by the sculptor. As you see the Jade dot on one of the people it is the religious mother. This is the corn dance and there are male and female dancers. Some lines mean the rain some show the mountains while others show the journey. The dragonfly on the bear is beauty and the black lines from the horse hair are the rain the other design is power. I should have written them all down so I don't forget.These are carved into each piece not painted.


I can understand your interest. So nice!


Very interesting pieces of pottery, you will end up with a beautiful collection. Thanks, Richard.
I'll have to google this horse hair firing.


You two have a good eye for art.... The shapes of the Pueblo pottery are especially good.... Soft and relaxing... No hard angles.... Thanks for sharing your finds with us.... ◕◡◕ ❤ ◕◡◕

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