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Need for speed

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  1. kaz10:55
  2. like921150:58
  3. Sissel1:10
  4. Redneck011:11
  5. braafmeiske1:16
  6. Belle38901:22
  7. manuela91:29
  8. nap24641:31
  9. qvottrup1:33
  10. pkin381:34


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Back in the sixties when my kids were young my hubby used to pull them on their sleds behind the pickup truck. They had a great time.You couldn't do it now.


Wow, that was dangerous, JiggyB. Well, it would be dangerous today for sure.


This reminds me of wintertime snow. We actually were pulled on sleds behind CARS! Can you imagine that today? But, it felt like this picture looks - wild and carefree!
Thanks for the memory, Starlord!


Some times I look back at some of the things my brother and I used to do. Boy is it scary now.


Indeed, Sissel and Pkin. Childhood memories. No worries at all...


Fun fun fun brings back a lot of good memories.


Ohh - those happy days :-)


Indeed, JB. Bruised knees and elbows :-) If it's not computerized these days, nobody plays like that anymore.

Those were the days!

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