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Ducks at the farm.

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Oft to bed now Ada and Robin but will reply tomorrow.


our farmers market was great .......we went every friday from before I went to school.....we have a sort of market now.....but only one seller and not at all in the winter....I sure miss it


I miss my white Peking duck, she was taken way too young to even get more white.
I also had large white goose. I miss her, her name was Maize. She was the last white Chinese goose I had, she made it to 10 years old before a large predator got her. Broke my heart. Her huge eggs were cooked up for my dogs added to their meals. Her mate didn't make it long enough for the two of them to produce any offspring. Even though tempted, when ducks, geese and chicks are for sale at the feed store, I resist. I can't the heart break anymore. I get too attached to critters and want them all as pets. I think I would starve as a farmer of livestock. If I could get produce to grow properly and fast enough I would be fine, as I love salads! LOL It is too hot here most of the year to grow most vegetables. Growing season is too short for most. It's tricky.


Ho, Robin & Pam they are such a close family I do not think they would like to be famous they are just farmers that had a a shope in a village just outside town and had to move back to their farm for their own reasons so sad as it was just a 10 minuet drive for me for many years now 30 minuet drive but I still go to them better than our super markets and every thing is fresh. All the animals are grass fed on their fields and the poultry just runs wild thee Hee !!!


Thanks for explanation about the farm, Clive! Perhaps you can let the Elliotts know they are getting international attention, here at Jigidi? :-))


this is really great clive.....we used to have a "farmers" market here....all when I was growing up......but of course it closed up over the years and is no more.....I used to get everything there.....I don't like it not being I have to get grocery store stuff......the eggs are the worst....I loved the fresh eggs we got at the are so lucky clive


Oh , jeri , Robin and Pam, no it is not my farm it is the Elliotts That own it and I mean the whole family do from the little ones to grandad I go there to buy my meat, Lamb , Pig ,Duck ,chicken and pies and every thing else they have duck eggs and green chicken eggs, other eggs from other birds like Quaile they are all "mad" farmers but also quite sweet to talk too they had a shope in a village quite near to me but now I have to drive to their farm which is very Big as they shut their village shope down why I do not know, but there we go. There produce is great no factory farming all in the fields like the mad ducks and yes Robin they all hissed me for taking their picture. LOL!!!


I'm with jeri this your farm/duck reserve?? love ducks (when they aren't hissing at me)


Whose farm. Clive?


My pleasure Pam.


Thank you for enjoyable puzzle, Clive. :-)

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