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Some of the things I found while walking my dog in the scrub.
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  1. cazneaux28:41
  2. emcpheeters29:02
  3. hermitish31:06
  4. dRo38:21
  5. seagirl740:14
  6. Plumpossum1:07:36


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hermitish, Don, thanks so much for commenting and for the compliment. I can hardly believe there are still places to find points like those today. I like hunting for anything. I used to like hunting game birds and animals but I only hunt them with a camera now. I enjoy hunting for rocks, fossils, old bottles, mushrooms, seashells, fossilized shark's teeth and of course, arrowheads, if I knew of a place to hunt them. Terry


seagirl7...Hey Terry, nice to meet you. I have admired your eye for subjects and skills with a camera for a while now. It seems we have similar tastes in scenery so I have solved a lot of your puzzles. After retiring I moved from Iowa to a sparsely populated area of South Texas where the land is worthless. I actually did find the first of these artifacts while walking my dog,, exploring an ecosystem that was brand new to me. All of these and a few hundred more were just lying on the ground waiting to be rescued, some for more than 10,000 years. I estimate I have covered 3 square miles within walking distance of my house and I'm still looking for more. There are many more square miles largely undisturbed. Don


hermitish, wow! that is a lot of arrowheads. I have only found three of them in my whole life. Out here in the western states there were a lot of arrowheads found in the 1930's and 40's and before. Today, they have mostly been collected up and and finds are pretty scarce. I wish I had a spot to go where I could find a few. Have you found some of them in recent years? Terry


Yes, projectile points and various stone tools. I was trying to be cute with the "Rocks" title :-)

Many of these look like arrowheads to me.

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