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This guy came for breakfast and stayed a long enough for me to get my camera and take 5 photos. Look at those talons and his red moustache.
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Unfortunately I've never ever seen a single woodpecker in our yard, and we do have two bird feeders up in our big trees, that I built myself as I used to be a carpenter many years ago before I ended up having to go on disability because of this dratted Fibromyalgia muscle disorder that I have! I think these woodpeckers that you speak of live in a different part of Nevada! :( But thanks for the info Angel, that was really sweet of you to think of me!

Thank you for enoying it, Monica. You know, the Downy, Hairy, and Lewis' woodpeckers live in Nevada, so--------. If you could get Gary to make a peanut feeder, as described below, they might come to call, along with some of the other nut eaters. There is one called a Ladder-back in the tip of Nevada, that is really colorful, red head, black back and yellow belly. Maybe you can lure him within camera range.

Lowe's or Home Depot will actually cut the wood to size for you, so you don't even need a saw.


Ohhhhhhh what I would do to have these birds in our backyard! I love his little red moustachio, your so lucky to get these gorgeous birds Angel, so very lucky! Great set, thanks so much!

That's great, PLG. I hope you get to it soon, although they will work on it year round. I saw this kind of feeder at a friend's house and made up my own. The woodpeckers open up the shells and the little birds scrounge inside for the crumbs/leftovers. Good luck.


Thank you for that info, Angelbender. I've bookmarked this page so I can get to it one of these days. Would love to try.

Thank you, Gladstone. They really are breath taking. Here is the plan for my simple woodpecker magnet. Maybe one would work for you, too.

3 strips of 1 1/2" sq. wood, two the length you want the feeder to be and one that is the width of the assembled wire and wood,
1/2" hardware cloth long enough to go down one side, across the bottom and up the other side. Mine was 8 1/2" w x 24" long.
A bunch of small staples to attach the wire.
A length of cord or rope
4 eye screws, 2 for the ends of the "cap" and 1 for each side of the feeder.
Run the rope through the eye screws to form a hanging loop, knotting it at the bottom of the screw on each side of the "cage". This will keep the cap from coming off, but leave enough slack so it can be laid to the side for filling and emptying.
I cut notches out of the corners of the "cap" so it fits down part way into the cage. A modified "T".

My many bird puzzles will show you the details of construction. It is cheap, easy and effective. Many birds love peanuts, but use only UNSALTED or RAW ones.

Thanks, jcaroll. Glad you enjoyed it. The feeder is a 12" to 14" tall and he is hanging far below it and his neck isn't extended, so he is clearly full grown. This is the closest I have seen him, as he roams our neighborhood.


Great to see. I have seen only two in my life. They are big beautiful birds.

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