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California Towhee under a bird feeder at a friend's house, Vista, California

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Congratulations, Don. I hope we both love our new homes, even if they don't have the things we loved in previous places.


New house, Ginni? Same here. Taking possession in late June/early July, and hope to be moved in by late July. I won't have the fields and wildlife of my parent's place where I'm living now, or the rental where I was living before. No deer and turkeys (and occasional coyotes, fisher and bobcat) in the back yard), and not the same variety of birds. The trails available within an easy distance aren't as wildlife-rich as yours, either. Have to see what transpires, and what I can come up with.


That's the only problem with the new house, Patsy -- it's a long way from my regular trails. I wear a fitbit and I'll still walk every day to get my 10K steps, but much of it will probably be in the neighborhod. I've been told there is a dry trail almost out my front door, so we'll find out if I see anything there. There aren't any long trails near a river or lake. But I'm almost 70 and I want a house and yard, as opposed to a condo without even a balcony or patio, before I die. I hope I'll still manage to take plenty of photos to turn into puzzles for you all. If I'm lucky, I'll have birds visiting my feeders and posing regularly. The previous owner redid the front yard in native plants and every time I've been over there hummingbirds have been feeding on the flowering sage plants. I hope to do something similar with the back yard.


Thanks, Ed!

Ginni, when you get your own bird feeders, will you still be motivated to go on regular long walks and photo shoots?


Yet another nice one, Ginni! :-))


Thank you all! Some day I'll have my own bird feeders! :-)

Nice shot. Lots of food down there, and towhees apparently like to help clean up the area under feeders.


No competition for food down there apparently. Lovely bird and beautiful shot. Thanks, Ginni.


Nice shot Ginni! WOW. Thanks!

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