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Octopus balls :)

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I have never had octopus. I have heard it has to be cooked just right or you could tread a tire with it. *lol* dj


Aw, thank you...and your novel sounds interesting!


Oh, and I love your new avatar!


@th_counselor - you bring so much comfort and joy to my life, lol.


Not the testicles...lmao...chunks of tentacles.


@th_counselor, great to hear from you! I'll tell you a secret: I've started writing a novel, which is why I haven't been around so much. One of the subplots is food photography, and there's a LOT of seafood. I'm having fun with it.

Do you mean octopus balls as in pinwheels or as in testicles? I won't be offended either way, but I'll probably be... bemused. :-)

@jimez, thanks for reminding us all that the octopi were very likely given a choice in the matter.

(Leaving the room to weep silently in bed.)



What octopus would consent to this?


Um, there is definitely octopus in that. It is a Japanese dish called takoyaki, octopus stuffed balls that are battered and fried and topped with different things. I was thinking about you the other day, wondering what you have been up to. Nice to hear from you!

If that really is what it claims to be. N-nope!


I have no idea what this stuff is, nor even whether it's made of octopus (which I love, but won't eat, in deference to @th_counselor :-)). I presume it's seafood. Regardless, I thought it's pretty.

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