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Not to be Ridden in Your Bell Bottom Pants

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  1. rrfan7:22
  2. mtomlins9:54
  3. Budrox10:30
  4. Tex_puzz11:26
  5. ozray12:39
  6. griffjohn13:44
  7. zebsdad14:04
  8. camaro72stroker14:35
  9. iceracer15:03
  10. AntiqueFarmer16:30


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Thanks, I will take a look


There is a pinterest entry that identifies it as a Heinle & Wegelin 2hp. 1600ccm 1899.


I have a hard time seeing that this is the most successful motorcycle in 1897. It has got to be later than that I think.

I don't have a source for the pic. It came from a motorcycle forum and had no comment.


Could be wrong.


@ Tex_puzz, is it possible that the post by you could be wrong. The pictures of the De Dion-Bouton tricycle do not match with the picture disston posted. maybe I am looking in the wrong place.


@ disston, Can you post a link for the picture you posted for this tricycle. I haven't found anything that is made like this one.


Would love to see the other side.


And it's a loong stroke.


Wow. Thanks to Tex-puzz for looking it up I had no idea it was that old.


From Wikipedia: The De Dion-Bouton tricycle was the most successful motor vehicle in Europe from 1897 until 1901. With about 15,000 copies sold,[a] the de-Dion-Bouton motor tricycle scored the first breakthrough for the distribution of motor vehicles.[1] In particular the fast-running de Dion-Bouton engine set new standards for vehicular motors, and is regarded as the precursor of all motorcycle engines.[2]

Yep. Definitely wear close-fitting clothes.

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