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Tyr - It's all mine!

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Note the disappearing tail trick, Payton!
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  1. Impie8:23
  2. jcat9:36
  3. Lynetteoz11:14
  4. Mrs_Quinn_Eskimo11:34
  5. nessham14:35
  6. ELLENA14:46
  7. alica15:28
  8. Pammi18:34
  9. deeregreen19:11
  10. bkwrm98034:32


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We are to Christmas Eve, I sincerely hope that you find yourself well Catslave, Miss you. Roxy---bing--
Estamos a víspera de la Navidad, espero sinceramente que te encuentres bien Catslave, te extrañamos. Roxy


I too was wondering if everything is ok. Please let us know that you are all ok. soo, Molly and Milly xxx


Hi catslave, you OK?
No new photos of your kitties for over 3 weeks?
Are you having a problem with your hands?
Hope you're alright.
tisketsmum xx


Tyr it looks like you are becoming accustomed to seeing a camera! Your fans are all happy! :)


Tyr we see you again - you are becoming quite the star attraction!! Hope you don't mind lovely boy :-)


Oh lovely Tyr - we get to see you properly at last.....!


Hi there, beautiful little boy. Wow, the whole bed all to yourself. Some kitties are just born lucky.

P.S. catslave, any word yet on when your poor hands get done?? You must be sick to death of it by now.


Yay :))


Hi sweetie, ....I see you also managed to make your paws disappear together with your tail.... you're very clever magician aren't you!?☺♥☺


Tyr- this looks like a real cozy place to be today, love seeing you


Hi sweetie, you do look rather smug. How did you make your tail disappear or is it a secret? Love Aunty soo xx

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