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Bella - Supermodel

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Yes, I've seen your pictures of someone very like her! Aren't we lucky to have such lovely cats? She's also a jigsaw of Shadow and my late lamented Kostya.


It's a jigsaw of our two cats. She's a beautiful cat.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to post them, I will talk to my son and see if he can help is interesting to know that Bella has a ginger 15 and 16 year old Rocky and Pebbles had an all black sister (just one white patch on her forehead) and they were grey, black and brown striped with mottled tummies and various white and black patches (Pebbles was black on her feet and tail where Rocky was white--he looked like he was wearing spats). They also had green eyes, and someone told me that meant there was Siamese in them.

One litter back, same parents, their brothers lived down the street, they were both orange and had the same variations as Rocky and Pebbles with the patches, white on one and orange on the other. I am amazed at the variations that can come out of one litter, it seems a little strange that the genes would create such differences, even the chimeras. I'm going to look for Bella's pictures, thank you so much. I will try to learn how to upload. Take care...Sherry :)))

Thank you Sherry. We have lovely girls, don't we?! I just put a couple more pictures up. Bella is a rescue, too, (she ran away from home and decided to move in with us) so I don't know anything about her other than that she had a ginger brother. Why don't you post some pictures of Molly? Stephanie

sbl, would you please post a couple more pictures of Bella...she's the first cat who has the same colouring as my Molly for the most part...I see Bella is lighter on her chest, but Molly is pretty much the same colour all around...the black and dark brown and tiny bits of tan with orange under-highlights...Molly is very pretty too and she has the beautiful green eyes with little lines of orange as eyebrows...I'm so happy to see another cat with the same you know which breeds may be involved and did you see any other kittens from the same litter? Molly has been mine for about a month and is around 3 years so old, and pretty much a rescue, so I don't know her background. She is really smart and I'm thinking about training her to bring me tissues or anything light (sort of just kidding) ...thank you...Sherry:)))

Thank you, Impie. She is a complete diva, who shamelessly uses her beauty and charm to get her own way!


Wonderful photo of a beautiful kitty! TFS.