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I like squeaky toys

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Wafwaf woof aunt Iris. I sure have a lot. I have my own toys and I have all Micky's toys. I don't think there are many dogs with such a big collection. ☺ Sweet licks auntie.


You sure have a great toy collection Bella! Barks and smiles!☺♥☺


Waf woof, tell Artus we will have fun. ☺☺☺ Sweet licks. ♥♥♥


That's very wise of you little Bella,take a squeaker with you.. or yell , I'm sure Artus will come to your rescue.
Big cuddles from auntie Andie.♥☺☺♥☺


Waf woof auntie. Action does too. Therefore I don't want him to play with my toys. Sweet licks ♥♥♥


You are a lucky Bella, our dear Hagar does not get to play with squeak toys. He de-squeaks them so I only let Guinness play with squeak toys and she is very gentle. She loves it when I get them down.


Waf woof woof aunt Andie and uncle Brian. I'm sure it was only a joke, but if she does I will take a squeaker with me. Then she know where I am. ☺♥☺ Sweet licks. ♥♥♥


Stick you behind the ...wallpaper ! Naughty mum ,she surely scared you stiff...But I'm sure you've learnt your lesson.
Big evening cuddles from auntie Andie.


Lovely photo Bella, your mum and dad must be very patient to let you play with your squeakys! ☺☺


Waf woof waf dear aunties Janet Rebecca Lorna Carrie Erika Andie Linda Ardy Jackie Pat Linda and uncle Nev. Yes it is so funny to squeak with my toys. The all have another sound and I can squeak them real good. Micky was careful with them and I too. I love to squeak them. Mum and dad don't mind, they smile. Sometimes I think they would love to squeak too. I also have a few toys with bells instead of a squeak. That's nice too. I have a big ball that rings in a funny way. In the back of the house is a long corridor. there I like to play with dad, He throws the ball and I get it. It's fun. ☺
No rain today. ☺☺☺ So we had some pretty walks. This morning we met Denzel with his dad. But Denzel was leashed. His dad said he did not want to listen, so he had to feel. So pity. We could play together, a kind of dancing. ☺ But we couldn't run. Maybe next time again. ♥
Mum fixed the pillow from my play corner. It is not good enough for a beauty contest, but it has been repaired. So my piggy bank is safe.
I like that word "piggy bank", we call it spaarpot. Literal, save pot. Often they look like a pig and then we call it save pig.
As I said, mine is safe again. But mum said that if I do it again she sticks me behind the wallpaper. Wow. Can you imagine? I can't. But it sounds scary, so I better ......... ☺☺☺ be a good girl. ♥
Sweet licks. ♥♥♥


I see some very fancy footwork here with your hind legs, Bella dear. Gangly yes, but quite elegant too.
I can well imagine the noise you're making with those squeaky toys. I remember darling Micky showing us that ghastly looking squeaky burger. Your mum and dad must have the patience of saints.
This is a great photo, love it. Thank you. ♥♥♥


Bella, seems as you are enjoying all the squeaky toys. Bishka loves them also. Hope
Mom & Dad can put up with the squeaks, they can get annoying. Enjoy. Hugs for you
sweet Bella.

bella you look like your really having a great time, playing with all of your toys.enjoy all of them.sweet bells, be good for, mum and dad today. hugs aunt jackie


Lots of fun for you, Bella. Hope your humans can put up with the squeaks. You are such a lucky and lovely pup. Thanks, Ank.


Squeaky toys and balls are really fun to play with. Fetch and keep it away from Mum are REALLY fun games! Enjoy yourself with the toys! And, I'm sure Mom and Dad will have a ball playing with you.


You're having a great time with so many toys to play with..I know you doggies love squeaky toys ...but after a while we,poor humans, can't stand them any longer so I always remove the thingy inside ...Your mum seems to be much more patient ,lucky you !
Big cuddles from auntie Andie.♥☺☺♥☺


Wooof wuf wofff!! I hope you are having lots of fun playing with all of your squeaky toys Bella--and I hope it is not too cold for you and maybe you are having fun in the snow --is your mom taking you for lots of walks--woof woof--Love Auntie Erika XOXO


Do all of yours make the same squeak or do some sound different than the others?


It is much safer playing with your toys than getting into mischief Bella, and I know you will have lots of toys to choose from ☺


Who doesn't?? :))


Have fun Bella and make them squeak! Hugs and tickles.
Thanks for the fun photo dear Ank. Hugs my friend.♥♥♥


Bella, you certainly enjoy playing with your toys. Woof woofs. ♥♥♥

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