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My pet rocks

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I love collecting rocks. My great grandmother was a well known for her lapidary creations. Her home was an amazing place to explore. There was always a rock tumbler going in the back of her house. The textures, the amazing colors, the weight and the often unique location where rocks and gems come from is fascinating. I believe they each have an energy that is pleasing to perceive and many are just plain mysterious. I have a collection of crystals and my other favorite- driveway marbles- some a century old. Little boys (and some of us girls) played marbles in the driveway. You can see the scenario- Dad's car comes barreling up the drive after work. The kids hastily collect their marbles, and miss one or two. Dad's car presses them into the dirt where they are lost and forgotten -until someone like me sees the glint of a marble in the dirt many decades later, and digs it up with child like glee at having found a lost treasure. Some can be dated by how they were made and what they were made of. I swear they still have the energy of the little rascals who played with them. What have any of you found in the dirt? I'd love to hear some stories of your finds!
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I love rocks, pebbles, shells & marbles, too & have a collection I treasure. It would've been my heaven to have seen that tumbler & what came out of it - I always wanted one as a child! I, sadly don't know what happened to my marble collection, but I have one which I kept & treasured - a small blue swirly one. It belonged to a friend at school when I was about 10yrs old & I challenged her & won it off her. I often wonder what happened to her as I would like to give it back to her. We loved playing marbles at school but all that stopped when ridiculous health & safety measures came into force - not even allowed to play conkers in school now. I love reading country books by Miss Read (Dora Saint) as they remind me of my school days & growing up in the Cotswolds.

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